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  1. This is the easiest way to boost points and wins in Sudoku, play on hard mode and just spam the question mark button every time you highlight an open square it will fill in the correct answer for every time you hit the button and you finish well under the 4 minute mark. I was able to get 28 wins last night in about 25 minutes and leveled up from about 3 to level 12 in no time. It should take you about 2 hours to get the level 20 in the game if your fast. I also very lightly spin the bonus wheel clockwise and land on the bonus spin, 3X or 2X quite frequently.
  2. Esplagluda II is NOT region free, I bought the Collectors Edition from Play asia and it doesn't work in my US system.
  3. Here's my video link, I'll rate everyone in the thread and hope you guys do the same. Thanks! http://skate.share.ea.com/profiles/84542/posts/1706697.aspx
  4. The answer is Torrents, game stores didn't get the game early.
  5. It's not going to be an easy 1000 at all, I've clocked about 50+ Hours into the japanese version and have only 390/1000. The Combo based achievements are going to be the hardest to master and without getting the hang of the combo system it will prevent you from getting about 430 points.
  6. Sorry for the very tardy reply but here goes: To perform an instant kill press X to lock swords with an enemy and then press one of the directional buttons to push them towards walls, lanterns, posts or cliff edges, then press X again along with the direction towards the object. If you lowered their green stamina bar enough the enemy should now have an orange triangle near their body, quickly attacking them again will execute a instant kill. This works very well agianst bosses. Another good tactic for blocking enemies is to start a 3 hit combo just out of range of the target, you will miss the first attack but they never guard agianst the next two hits in the combo. If you have stance change moves you can really finish off a boss quickly like this. I use this stratagy to finish of the final boss of the game all the time.
  7. Since it seems no one has written any info on the Edo Battle Royal mission I'll give you guys the scoop. I just finished it last night and it wasen't as bad as I thought. The Edo battle Royal requires the death of 1000 combatants. 990 of the fighters can be killed by 1 hit and 10 of them are Boss type's with a normal health bar. The Bosses show up after every 100 fighters are killed. Either you can kill them all or the different colored fighters will also fight each other. When you have less then half of your life left run to a small dead end in the stage with a well in the corner and a rope fence blocking the other direction. If you watch down the alley and stand still, your stamina bar will refill and once it is full your health bar actually slowly starts to refill as well. If you keep an eye on your health and heal up when required this shouldn't be too tough. I finished up at 42 minutes and recieved a Silver metal. I believe that the metal system is based on time only and beating it before or near 30 minutes will net you a gold metal. As always, make sure your fighter has most of the stance change combos. Also be very careful of the bosses, fight them out in the open and don't let them throw you into a wall for an instant kill.
  8. The two that he posted are Play the game for 57 minutes. Play the game for 5 minutes.
  9. Yeah I got the LE, it includes 6 oversized buttons, Exclusive Xbox Live download and Hori Arcade stick.
  10. I've waited for what seems like forever for this games release. Play asia just charged the 391.00 to my credit card today too. I've been waiting for a new Gradius style shooter for too damn long.
  11. Yes forced locks work, I got the achievement on a force attempt.
  12. There are about 6-8 of them behind a staircase in the Paradise slaver place.
  13. You resurected a 2 year old thread to defend MS Paint? Wierdo.
  14. If your just trying to get through the game don't worry about the Blood Cloud monsters, they don't need to be killed to finish the game. The blood cloud monsters drop Bracelets that are like cheat effects and their are 16 throughout the game. If your stuck on a level there's a good chance you missed a door or key that you need to progress. use the map mode by pressing left on the Dpad and look for the red !
  15. Anyone wondering what the 1900 point Downloadable content on the marketplace, look no further. The Content is extra costumes for the 3 main Girls Aya, Anna and Saki as well as the option to play as the 3 bosses in the survival mode. You can level them up just like the normal girls but can't use them in the main game that I can see. The costumes are pretty lame and probably not worth the download. Aya's is a revealing Mexican cowgirl look with her hat hung around her neck. Saki's looks like a remix of her normal School girl costume except she has blond hair. Anna's costume is a black evening gown with a slit on the side. The costumes are sadly cannot be edited in the Dressup mode.
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