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  1. I do indeed. I am keen as fuck for both those albums. Also with new album coming within this month a new Bullet for My Valentine album so am listening to their albums now.
  2. Ascendancy, What The Dead Men Say are my two favourites with In Waves just behind. On a Mastodon kick too.
  3. It is. Initially I couldn't get into Shogun but it has grown on me a ton and I love that album a lot now.
  4. Really awesome atmospheric Black Metal.
  5. You could be right about Pillman but I had to laugh at MJF's tweet afterwards. That killed me. Pillman might be a bit too green but I do wanna see if he shows improvement going onwards.
  6. I can see why but I do enjoy a lot of melodic avant-garde music too. Deafheaven on this new stuff really went into the melodic direction.
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