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  1. Thanks a ton, buddy! Found these super helpful for streamlining the playthrough process. Fun game too. Also awesome that you can grab collectibles killing however you like, and then reload and go stealth for Shadow Gold.
  2. Great looking videos for a great game! Gonna use them to clean up my collectibles this weekend hopefully. One last achievement is all I've got left for it and I appreciate your part in getting me (and undoubtedly many others) to the top!
  3. Unfortunately, I'm having the same issue now. I tried it on my own, thinking it wouldn't be too bad. Thought I got it, but it didn't pop so I figured I messed up something technical so I checked out Maka's guide which usually work instantly for me when I need them. That didn't work, then I tried a few other guides and none of their methods worked either. I've varied weapons and taken multiple routes on different difficulties and I'm positive I've not been spotted. If anyone has any suggestions or insight into this, I'd be happy and appreciative for the help. Thanks!
  4. Anyone mind helping a guy out? =) GT: Pyralis212 EDIT: Got it, thanks Wimjet, glad we could help eachother out!
  5. I was a little upset I got the Season Pass right away considering nothing came out in between then and when it went on sale, but that's okay, I really enjoyed the first episode so it was money well spent. Surprised they took this long to announce the release for the second episode, but I'm sure it'll be well worth the wait.
  6. Hmm, yeah, well made point. It could be a case of an extremely vocal minority.
  7. I've been doing private sessions mostly with my friends while occasionally stepping into the outside world to see what antics people were getting up to. Now, though, I'm weary of joining any public games since modding has seemingly spread like wildfire and Rockstar is banning with reckless abandon. It's like a full on war.
  8. 5GB is pretty extreme, I wonder if it just needed that much fixing or if the 5GB included the DLC, which just gets unlocked upon purchase... like some kind of auto-downloading compatibility pack. I hope all games don't have patches this huge, it'll really add up quickly.
  9. Update was pretty huge... At times like these, I am glad I run my console in Instant-On mode so it took the update when I wasn't even paying attention. Dead Rising 3 had a 5GB update too, I wonder if this is gonna just be the way of things going forward.
  10. I just went on a marathon mission grinding spree all damn night cause I was determined to get myself an Entity today. Then I finally built up enough cash and I find the Adder on sale 25% off. I went with the Adder because I knew I wanted both eventually so it made sense to get the Adder that's on discount now and work my way back up for the Entity. What a deal! Wish I could get 25% off a car in real life. =P
  11. Yeah, I made reference to this in a reply on Maka's thread about the framerate issue he was dealing with. Confused me at first, then when Clementine started walking THROUGH them I knew it wasn't supposed to be that way. Creepy stuff.
  12. I really liked it, can't wait for more. They really hit you in the face hard, fast, and continuously though. My goodness some of those situations.
  13. It was a bit janky at times, but nowhere near unplayable. At one point, I did see motionless phantom character models in certain scenes of characters that weren't actually in that scene. Now that was creepy.
  14. I saw it pop up like four times in one Survival I was doing last week. Hopefully they take care of that.
  15. The longer it went on, the more I thought "I hope nothing happens that I don't have to repeat this" and fortunately nothing terrible happened! Someone or some people at Rockstar must've had a chuckle when programming this. I didn't hate it, but I sure don't wanna do it ever again. =P
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