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  1. Still looking to do ODST achievements and Deja Vu as well as some H2A MP achievements. Send me a message GT- BlkCobra07
  2. If you guys have the checkpoints I'll help you. I already have the achievement with the exception of ODST. Gt is BlkCobra07
  3. Will be on today, Saturday and Sunday all day long. Would like to do ODST achievements and Multiplayer achievements. I do have 4 controllers. Message me GT- BlkCobra07
  4. Looking to do all ODST achievements, mp achievements and par scores. Thanks!
  5. Looking to do all MP achievements. I have 4 controllers. I will be on from now until 6pm central time. Message me on XBL- BlkCobra07
  6. What you just described above is what I'm talking about when in coop. Just had my partner hang back in the loading zone not doing a single thing and no enemies.
  7. Nothing you can do. He won't be able to progress to the end because you need both people in the elevator. This happened to a friend of mine and I twice. Our controllers de-synced randomly so it screwed us. I did find out that there is a massive despawn in the last room where you have to blow up the fuel rods for the pillar of autumn though!
  8. Anyone have the master chief saga playlist checkpoint? Last one I need. I can help you out with halo ce or halo 2 laso sometime this week as well. GT is Blkcobra07. Send me a message if you are interested.
  9. Also looking for the laso checkpoints. Can help anyone with speed runs or whatever else you need! GT is Blkcobra07
  10. Looking to do annual achievement and tsavo highway with 4 vehicles. GT is blkcobra07
  11. I'm down. GT is Blkcobra07
  12. Looking to do a Halo CE speedrun on legendary if anyone is interested. GT is BlkCobra07
  13. Still looking for ppl to boost. Matt above is down, we need 2 more!
  14. Can confirm the achievements are working!
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