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  1. Easy cheevs aside, is the game any good? Im always a fan of silly kart games
  2. Strength and Endurance (unless you use Rage) are your friends early on
  3. The Robotics Pioneer Park respawns and is fairly high level. Ive fought a Glowing Deathclaw there and its now spawning as a Deathclaw Patriarch at level 52
  4. My copy just turned up via Royal Snail Mail, hopefully DPD will turn up soon with copies for everyone else
  5. When and what did you preorder mate? I preordered the standard edition way back in June when they first started taking preorders. I was charged on Friday and got a despatch email (for Royal Mail) yesterday morning
  6. Just curious, did you receive a "your item has been dispatched" email/text from Shopto?
  7. Will this remaster feature a Horde mode?
  8. This just happened to me, I restarted the level and actually picked up the first collectible (on top of the train) for a second time and it registered...weird!
  9. To me it feels like a demo for Horizon 2. Its nearly exactly the same (but with some tweeks) and takes place in the Nice/airport section of the Horizon 2 map2. It only has around 10 proper races in it (along with bucket lists and other stuff) for achievement purposes but hey, its fun while it lasts. Plus its free!
  10. This is basically a demo (with cheevs) for Horizon 2. If you like this I suggest you pick up Horizon 2 as it has way way more content
  11. The race on the golf course is a good place to get the 50k as it has a lot of jumps and foliage to destroy. If you can drive a clean race (while smashing stuff) you should get 50k around halfway into the race. The first section is key. If you can get to the big right turn bank with your chain intact its easy. If not, just restart the race. The other alternative is to head to the airport and do drifts constantly
  12. Conquest Large always has loads of players Team Deathmatch and Rush are next Then Domination, CTF and Conquest Small The rest are rarely populated
  13. They have seperate stats for both games on Battlelog im afraid
  14. Ive managed a couple of Riot Survival games today but this keeps happening to me when we try to play a private match of multiplayer
  15. Murdered: Soul Suspect It was a decent game but lacked replay value and challenge
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