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  1. hey i'm also looking for some partners to boost the multiplayer achivements; send me a pm or message at gamertag: Minh2 thanks
  2. i've had to go to about 280 kills to have the acheivement pop up, make sure you hit both overkill at the same time to activate and have no delay
  3. check this video; i used that area and got the achievement after the 2nd attempt good luck!
  4. Looking to do all the DLC multiplayer achievements. GT: Minh2 send me a message, i am online very often
  5. hey, i'm looking for a partner to get more online play done GT: Minh2 send me a message over XBL!
  6. Hey, anyone interested in getting Comsat Uplink and Champion of Freedom? Send me a message onver XBL GT: Minh2
  7. it is actually possible to get almost everything on your 1st playthrough without a guide. (you'll only need a map for the collectables) if you haven't started the game yet, the game actually has a chapter select, which you can use to get any achievement you missed. when replaying a case, you can skip most of the cutscenes so to answer your question: no, a 2nd playthrough is actually enjoyable I had to re-do about 1/3 of the cases since i didn't 5 star them the 1st time. It's a little more fun to actually not perfect a case on your 1st time, you will see different answers from the witness you interrogate because you will probably fail some questions. the game doesn't have any missable achievement at all. you should really just play it without a guide for your 1st playthrough, if you are a completionist, you'll see how the game is actually easy even without a guide. the music helps you know if you missed any clues and intuition points help interrogate a suspect/witness perfectly. The game also plays a different tune when you correctly answer a question or fail it, so really no need for a guide. if you feel a frustration not getting the interrogation correctly, you can actually press start, quit out the game and re-load. the game will put you back right before an interrogation for you to restart without any penalty. I did use a guide at first for the few 1st cases (because i didn't want to miss anything) and really regretted doing so. it made the game boring and the game is actually designed to be quite friendly to the player. I then started playing without a guide and it was a much more satisfying experience
  8. looking for a partner to do Negociator (from Collection 1) on Veteran GT: Minh2 I've done everything else already, so i Can help you out afterwards i do have a mic and i'm online very often, just send me a message
  9. to confirm, yes they did take out the return line. you should have enough ammo, on the easier difficulties they give you more ammo and on the harder ones you have less ammo. glad to know you could beat that mission, i had difficulty with that mission aswell when i started
  10. You have to practice using the machine gun more, the machine gun has infinite ammo. Use the Rockets when you get to each new group of targets to kill most of them rapidly, and then use the machine gun to finish the remaining targets. good luck!
  11. how would you boost it? auto-play feature? i'm interested GT: Minh2 i'll send you a message over xbox live
  12. So I've look around the whole forum and other website but not getting any accurate information. Some people say this, others that. How do I exactly unlock Unlockable 87 and 88? 87) ? - Obtain a set total of machine gun bonus points in free mission. (except Helicopters missions) 88) ? - Obtain an armor bonus in each of the free missions. Any tips also? I heard for the Machine gun bonus, I have to get 200 machine gun bonus point at the end of every mission except the 3 helicopters one and the AC-130. Is this true ? For the Armor bonus, as long as I obtain a few points at the end, I should be fine getting it ?
  13. *edit* Completed the achievement. Hi, I'm looking for a partner to do all the co-op missions. GT: Minh2 Send me a message!
  14. *EDIT* got all online achievement Hi, I'm looking for someone to trade the 500 Ace points, should take an hour or so. Please send me a message!! GT: Minh2
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