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  1. I was having trouble with this. Highest I got was 316k, and after trying other methods, I got it by focusing ENTIRELY on drums after the final gate. I can play that part perfectly, so I was able to rack up tons of points in that final stretch. I ended with 344k. Of course, maybe I'm also just better at the song now, but I'd recommend this if you're having trouble. SING: I used Jackpot, and got 109k from it. Total score 300k. I didn't use it on any specific instrument, I was just very careful jumping around, though I did try to use it on (super) guitar if that multiplier wasn't all the way up. DIAMOND EYES: Used Jackpot here too, got 143k with it. Total score 451k. Again, jumped around a ton. And I'm done! Achievement unlocked! Thanks for the tips everyone! I'm really starting to like Jackpot.
  2. You need to hold it down, then let go. "Charge" it up by holding the trigger and you'll see the electric field kind of expand around you. Let go when you have a bunch of enemies in range and it will kill them all (depending on the enemy).
  3. I've been playing with TheBravestFairy and Barnsley Pal (among others), and we got both the lantern run achievements -- now we've moved on to Shadow Hunters. If you'd like to join us (depending on if we have slots open), add them or me: GT: Tommy Gun CRG
  4. I used Rabies' method and got the achievement! I played with a friend of mine, though, so there were two of us. The difficulty scales, but I figured with both of us being fairly good players this was the best bet. The beginning is the hardest -- once you get some sniper turrets set up, you'll be gaining tons of scrap and won't have to run all over the place, so don't worry if it feels like you're getting slaughtered at the start. By wave 15 our green base had only a sliver of health left, but we made it! Here are some tips: Start with all shredder turrets. They're cheap, and at the beginning you need all the help you can get. More is better. Don't waste scrap on other stuff yet (maybe a collection pod after a few waves). Put emplacements on top of "trees." I think you need to be on the lowest level for this to work (don't be on a peninsula). Knobs shouldn't be able to kill them this way, but watch for Burst Transmitters. Build lots of sniper turrets once you start getting more scrap, and protect them from knobs with shredder turrets. Place some snipers at the end of the peninsulas, and up by the green decoy. Focus all your fire on the Volt Dropper if you can! They do a lot of damage and ignore dampening generators, so you need to take them out as quickly as possible. Sniper turrets are what you need here, so I hope you've built a few by this point. When you fire at the Volt be sure to lead the target (aim a little in front of it when you fire). Save the decoys for waves 25+ (as long as you can wait, basically). Eventually build a repair crane somewhere in the middle, but not until you have plenty of scrap. Turrets are dumb, so kill Jacobs first, as soon as you can. If you're using the Albert sniper rifle, try to line up multiple enemies when you can because of the pierce ability. If Jacobs are protecting an enemy, shoot through the enemy to hit the Jacob(s); don't wait for a clear shot. We made it to wave 42 with this method, and would have gotten further if we had tried. After we got the achievement we relaxed and mostly let the turrets do the work, so eventually some enemies slipped by.
  5. 1 - you should be totally fine. 2 - you can restart a level if you lose a village (or even just quit and reload your save), so I don't think it would be that hard to do. However if you finish the game and lose more than 5, you need to replay the whole game ("new game"). Shouldn't take that long to play through again, especially since you won't need 100% veg, so it's up to you.
  6. I think people confirmed that it does count (i.e., don't lose any if you're going for the achievement).
  7. There's an icon for 100% veg. on each level, and you have those? If you missed any of the relics, you'd be missing memories. That should be all you need. Glitch?
  8. Does everything look bad, even text? Can you take a photo of your screen with it running? I'm so curious now.
  9. Happened to me, I was running it off a thumbdrive, though maybe that was the problem. Moved it to HDD and didn't happen on new game. So online videos look way better than what you're seeing? What TV are you using? I'm using HDMI at 1080p (don't know what the actual game outputs at) and it looks great, so maybe something weird happens if you use a lower res? Interesting that some people say it looks bad.
  10. Probably because they used evaporate so there was no water.
  11. So the first village doesn't have both banners? I failed once and I think that's the reason. Even though the first village doesn't get hit by lava, you still need the banner! This is the method I used, thanks! Be sure to build the "shortcut" from the first village early on, otherwise they're too stupid to find it. My only other tip is that after the guys are carrying the knowledge up to the 3rd village, you may need to throw tons of earth under them once they're near the top (on the lava side) -- they didn't make it in time to avoid the tsunami, but I raised them up to village level and they were fine (as long as they get it done before the village sinks!).
  12. See my post here for tips on Sacrifice: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showpost.php?p=4396441&postcount=15 My shaman always spawned at the 2nd village, anyone know why?
  13. I really didn't have much trouble with this one. - Take lots of sand from first island (leave a half-moon shape) - make path - make 2nd village - take sand from 2nd village to start 2nd path - tell guy to go get knowledge, even though the path isn't ready. - take sand from the 1st path! You don't need the first village anymore (why it's called sacrifice), and this will prevent the guy from trying to go back to the first village. You could also probably totally sink the first village at this point, although I had plenty of sand so I didn't need to. Zoom in and use the top-down view when building, and go quickly. Once you realize how much sand you have, you can go a lot faster and be sloppier. For me the shaman always spawned at the 2nd village. I'm not sure why, but maybe it was because of all the sand I took from the first village. It's MUCH easier this way, so you might want to experiment if he doesn't spawn there. Maybe sink the first village completely after the 2nd is built, before clicking on the knowledge?
  14. I have the full game, but I can't imagine the demo would look any different!
  15. Damn. Maybe you can get the achievement if you haven't gone past the point of no return (making the sactuary in the final stage). Or maybe it just lets you reset as a sort of level-select option, just for fun. I guess this means I'm gonna have to start a new game! It's not a super long game, and it's TONS of fun, so I don't think I mind so much, still annoying though.
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