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  1. No worries, the 2 minutes bit was meant to be for the last phase, but the first two phases are more than easily doable in a minute. Realistically getting a team together for more than a go or two should net you it. With at least one person on ad control at last phase with riskrunner/arc warlock, that'll be enough to finish it. I'd offer to help but I play on PS with my roommate. Mainly lurk for info/discussion.
  2. I completed it as my first prestige this week. We used two hunters and a warlock, but ideally you'd want 2 arc warlocks and a celestial nighthawk hunter. You want to kill everything up until the bit where you drop down the stones to advance to the two drill officers. As soon as you get to the bottom sparrow down the left hand side skipping all the enemies (mainly war hounds and goblins) in the battlefield bit and work your way around killing both officers. When you drop down and the launchers charge up to 100% if be using both of my healing rifts here, one after the other, and possibly one of the arc supers to clear the enemies, as this bit can get a bit tight. As soon as boss spawns, nighthawk hunter to use super, be wary about using rockets after this as he can become immune if the hunter damages him enough. As soon as you drop through the ground the first time, everyone splits up and jumps onto separate towers, as he'll cause the ground to become fire, with everyone shooting rockets at him. Once he drops the second time to the floor, try to avoid using rockets as he is moving around the outside, as he is quick and unless you're a good shot and can anticipate him, you'll waste rockets. Cold heart is good to use here. Once his head is off, and he moves onto the platform, one or both arc warlocks use their super, as the ads here spawn quickly and can easily overwhelm if not killed quickly. Third bloke continues rockets/cold heart until he is dead. Using the above, we got to the boss with 2 minutes remaining 3 times, wiped twice due to not doing enough ad control. For weapons I'd suggest one as riskrunner, for as control on last boss phase, and cold hearts for shields/ boss. Nameless midnight is a good kinetic or even origin story/ scathelock if you don't have it. Rocket launchers for everyone used wisely, saving at least 2-3 for the boss. For the amount of yellows that spawn, barely any heavy ammo is dropped. We were levelled 301, 297 and 296, found each other through LFG on destiny app. So no need to worry about being over 300 for this weeks one. Sorry if that's a bit of a book, wanted to explain it as best as I could, and it's the method that worked well for us.
  3. Scout rifles and a nighthawk hunter will make prestige easy
  4. Why does the warlock gear look so ugly. Excited to get the Titan and Hunter gear though.
  5. If you want to keep up, just jump on once a week when the reset happens, complete the milestones then log off again. Would only be a few hours, that way you keep up to date in case any updates happen, but you aren't burning yourself out redoing it all for nothing.
  6. Timer would only reduce by more people guiding them through the nightfall, which doesn't require a ticket. Only being a seeker does.
  7. As Pants said, hard to say without finding what you generally play. Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, Horizon 3 and Rare Replay are some good pick ups.
  8. I deserve it because then I'll have two copies, and as everyone knows, two is better than one.
  9. It's good to start off with. I gave it to Gladio
  10. Yep, I think it's terrible. I bought the strategy guide but haven't had a chance to go through it, but I will be tonight to find all these hidden things z
  11. I've been selling everything, might save it from now on.
  12. Considering how long it takes to get across I'm happy for it being that size
  13. And so you just cast the spell once and it increases exp for that whole fight?
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