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  1. No updates in a while I see, but I just unlocked temple of the nine gods and looking to run it, I'm a 14.8k gwf, gt is Breadly Weapon EDIT: Up to 15.2k now
  2. I've gotten two pair of boots...but the wrong ones lol. I'm GWF and want the raid but keep getting the assault boots... Oh well this double refinement got me up to 2890 or so, so a long while left until I can even start worrying about actually entering the dungeon.
  3. Do you have more than two characters though? Because from my research everyone it affected had three plus characters, regardless of the XP thing. Besides the in game accomplishment journal thingamajig acknowledged it fine.
  4. Start with the elemental evil campaign, the maze engine, and I forget the name of it but one similar to maze engine that also starts in protector's enclave. Get to 70 and the real fun/grind begins! On Prophecy of Madness, I actually managed to get into a pug and get the Madness variant Gold by getting Silver on Phase 1 and Gold on Phases 2 and 3....
  5. Well I avoided the orbs for the fifth time today and that actually popped, so yay I guess. Still nothing changed on the ceiling kill though, doesn't say done unlocking or anything.. Of course I did unlock a Halo Master Chief Collection achievement the other day when I haven't played that in months.
  6. Killed Cthylar on the ceiling five times on one character, no achievement. It popped the in game journal accomplishment thing but no achievement, not at done unlocking either. Fan-fucking-tastic! And yeah madness is still broken as far as I can tell. I hate myself for returning to this game repeatedly...
  7. I haven't yet, no, but I did message someone else that I saw had the issue and they said they unlocked it upon getting a third character to 60..lovely
  8. Nope, not at done unlocking, stuck at 50%. I checked the recent winners on Ta and found a couple people unlocked the two at 70 before the 60s. I do have a third character at 30, wonder if maybe the code checks that all characters are 60+ while the 70 correctly just checks for two at 70. I never play my second, basically got him to where he could invoke and have leveled off that to 60, so it's gonna take a while to get him to 70 that way.
  9. Well, tried deleting the game and downloading again just in case, no such luck... I know that like the very first update screwed up the epic dungeons achievement and some later patch fixed that, but I haven't found any record of glitches with this one, I guess I'll see if I get the two 70's once I get him up there, then may have to delete and try again...
  10. Just hit 60 with a second character today, no achievement? I mean, I did use the Maze Engine gift xp voucher to skip from 59 on the cusp of 60 to just over 61, so technically it was never 60, but it unlocked the in-game level 60 achievement in the journal... Am I out of luck here or is this a known situation, or is it totally unrelated to me skipping over 60?
  11. Nope, no official statement, just pulled the plug with no warning, the usual M$ assfuckery... They have our money and don't give a shit about us, if they did they wouldn't let shit like this happen. Or EA/2K turning off servers. If they really cared they'd force EA/2K to, at their expense, send stickers to every game retailer to put warning labels on their closed games that a good portion of the content advertised on the box is gone permanently. But, hey, we're gamers, we're all nerds with taped up glasses covered in acne living in our parents basements, right?
  12. After quite a while of the client and game packs 1-9 unavailable for download without them in your history, absence of single plays, and only games from packs 10-13 purchasable, the Game Room has vanished completely. Using the bing games search it will suggest game room as your likely search but return no relevant results. Selecting it in my recent games and hitting X to view Game Details just shows the options as Play Now or Delete. You can't buy any games at all anymore within Game Room. Leaving me a minimum of four games shy, I just bought a few from 10-13 the other day and was going to get some more today when I saw this sad state of affairs. I wanted to give them my money to finally complete this failed but kind of fun experiment but I guess it's not worth maintaining the space on the servers or something, even though the client and 13 packs total less than a gig and a half...
  13. Just decided to get back into this and try and finish it and notice I couldn't buy any games so I had the bright idea to delete and redownload. I only saw packs 10+ listed and couldn't even download the client... so I'm scrolling through my download history to five-ish years ago to get the client and all the packs again.
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