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  1. So I was browsing around on slickdeals the other day and I saw that zoo tycoon was free in the Xbox Japan store. It's region free which meant that while it does not show up in the NA store, you don't have to change your xbox region. Link to Japanese M$ store: https://slickdeals.net/?adobeRef=399695da55f911e789a1a66a415f3ee70000&pno=295660&lno=1&trd=Microsoft%2BStore%2BJapan%2Bcom&afsrc=1&attr_track=Meta%3ACheckout%3Anot%20eligible%7CTest%3ACheckout%3AsdCheckoutControl Credit goes to user SlickDealio for the find. https://slickdeals.n...bl-gold-members Attached is a video I made to help navigate the Japanese menus.
  2. Completed Yooka-Laylee. 1000/1000G. Loved this game, can't wait for dlc worlds and a sequel! Highly recommended if you grew up playing games such as super Mario 64/banjo kazooie
  3. 1000G on Brothers. Loved the unique gameplay and mechanics. You can get the completion before finishing the story but I highly recommend finishing off the story, it's only about 20 min after the full 1000.
  4. Last movie I watched in theaters was Logan. Very good film, action scenes were top notch.
  5. Congrats on the 100% completion! I'm no where near completing the game but I am loving the nostalgia of playing this old school platformer. The art design is amazing!
  6. Last game I bought was Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Super fun game, especially in co-op with some buddies.
  7. Finally got around to watching Logan. Saw it with my girl, we were both surprised by how emotional the movie was. The action was also top notch! 8/10
  8. Guide was great and so was the game! I enjoyed the different controls and the environments were beautiful.
  9. I'm online now trying to knockout the arcade achievements in 3.0! GT: Chris764
  10. Looking for help with Dizzy Dealer achievement, I'm on most week nights! GT: Chris764
  11. Hey man, I added you to my friends list and sent you a message. Hope to hear back soon! Thanks.
  12. Looking to do the burger town easter egg and rescue 4 survivors. I'm available anytime this week except for tue, wed. Online right now GT: Chris764
  13. If anyone wants to boost the online achievements just send me a friend request please!
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