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  1. I think you only need to clear 3 ultimate ninja trials to unlock that achievement, but the thing is I couldn't even clear a single master trial with coop, please add me if you are a decent player: legend make
  2. same here, there are some story related achievements not unlocked for me either. I think it is somehow glitched in xbox version.
  3. I am new to this game, I need someone to help me boost from division 10 to a higher level in ultimate team. gt: legend make
  4. It is finally free now after 4 years of waiting. http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=651930
  5. It seems like Walmart is collaborating with microsoft while promoting the snacks, and they are sending tons of downloading codes to all participants. Here is how the promotion program works: 1.go to the promotion link below, and click "enter your codes" http://wm6.walmart.com/Be-Snack-Ready-2015.aspx#slide4 2. in bag1, enter 373315XXX and 12:18, where XXX can be any 3 random digits you like 3. in bag2, enter 373315XXX and 09:39 4. enter any post code in the US (just google it) 5. enter your email address and date of birth 6. after everything is filled, complete the puzzle at the right bottom of the page 7. then click submit, go check your email box and you will be able to receive a download code I got it at my first attempt, good luck and enjoy this game.
  6. Dont miss out if you are a gold membership, also playable on xbox one.
  7. yes, it is free, maybe there is a promotion during E3.
  8. Grabbed from my xbox one earlier today. Although free is already good, the achevements seem extremely difficult from the guide.
  9. No,I don't think the windows version supports gamepad, I have my wired xbox360 controller plugged in but always no response, I hate to use keyboard in a soccer game.
  10. Just tried the trial version, I can confirm the achievements are unlockable as of today.
  11. Looking to boost the following: Bros Gonna Bro Best Friends Forever Teamwork GT: legend make
  12. I have no problem connecting with the server, but once I joined a lobby, the game never starts.
  13. I dont think so, lets wait until they fix the major bugs.
  14. I am always 2 to 4 seconds behind despite how fast I am, this version is way difficult than xbox1's.
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