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  1. Hi, I can you pick up ammo for this weapon? Its the best weapon for sure but it use ammo fast and theres so few of them?
  2. SOmeone mention that the Gatling gun is in this game isit true?
  3. *sad* What about the samurai edge isit in this game?
  4. outer one as in the one on the left and inner is the one on the inner portion? The one with the flower means i have got all the treasure isit?
  5. I had already completed Normal mode. I just realized that i still miss some chest because i did not receive the achievement. How do i know which one i had missed?
  6. I am at the part where i met alot of undead creatures for the first time and 1 with magic barrier around its body. They can kill me in just 2 hits, and there are alot of them. How do you get pass this part? And also how does the LB button(rewinding of time) works?
  7. I heard that you can but not confirm. Anyone has tried it?
  8. How many online achievement are there in this game?
  9. I really like the Magojiro Doll face headgear/mask. At which level can i unlock this?
  10. Eh, how many online achievement are there in this game? Is Ultimate ninja an online achievement? Edit: I just saw the Roadmap. Thanks Is there any website where i can view all the costumes and Gears for the Trials?
  11. I can't find trial mode at the main menu.. where is it?
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