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  1. http://i.imgur.com/3f6cdp8.png
  2. There's always going to be some sort of connection issues, but as far as I know, Halo 5 is supposed to run off of dedicated servers so the lag should be fair-ish all around. Who knows if it actually will have those servers, cause they said MCC would have them and it very obviously doesn't.
  3. I've got over 600 hours in and getting all The Lost wins came down to holding down the reset key until I got Dead Cat or Holy Mantle on the first floor. Maybe I just suck, but I really feel like there's a cap on how much skill can help in Lost runs given how many rooms you can get hit in before even getting your bearings.
  4. The combat is pretty simple, and, to be honest, I had way more fun playing on Blood and Broken Bones than Death March. At least on B&BB getting hit once doesn't break your shield so even if you mess up you don't have to dodge in a circle for a minute until you can recast Quen. Death March, mechanically, only seems to make human enemies counter more. Monsters just get an HP boost. You can hotkey food/potions to up or down on the d-pad by equipping them in your inventory. Witcher gear is really the only thing that makes a noticeable impact on your combat. Buy the maps that mechants sell and it'll give you quests to locate Witch gear under Treasure Hunts in the quest menu. It does suck, but, at some point, I got used to it and it doesn't really bother me that much anymore, so maybe it'll work like that for you too? Gwent is the best. Keep playing just so you can play more Gwent.
  5. It's a known glitch, I got it too. All you can do is save before the end fight and hope they patch it so you can complete it later.
  6. Thanks for the nice words everyone, I appreciate it. Thanks, and yeah, the whole thing with the first hospital sucked. They gave him chemo which did nothing to shrink the tumor, and ultimately left him with bad neuropathy in his feet that will likely last the rest of his life. They wanted to try radiation next when we decided to leave, and I'm sure if we never did go to Sloan Kettering, they would have eventually either given up or killed him. Hopefully whatever thing you had to deal with ended up working out okay for you too.
  7. I did it guys. I got the tier 4 buttcreed club award. Also, Sloan Kettering, a cancer hospital in New York, did a small documentary thing on my dad's cancer story if anyone wants to see that. [ame] [/ame] im in the video too shhhh
  8. Anime has taught me that finger guns can be very dangerous.
  9. I'm doing something I haven't done with a video game since the 360 came out: I'm playing a video game without trying to get achievements!!!!!
  10. Please don't throw your balls at my face or I will run away.
  11. Woah suddenly there's tier 4 franchise clubs? craaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy
  12. Yeah. You'll get a checkpoint when you get out of the banshee to open the door right before them anyway in case you die. One of the times I did it I even got stuck and triggered the cutscene, but even then after the cutscene was over, the banshee was sitting there just fine.
  13. Banshee is 100% easier for me. I tried the spectre method and didn't have it follow me to the end also. Next run I brought the banshee in and took him down easily, just make sure you pay attention to the enemies as they spawn and kill them before they get to the platform. They aren't much of a threat to you in a banshee since all they do is throw grenades poorly at you. Tartarus will never attack you in the banshee so you can hold the left thumbstick down and stay perfectly still near him and banshee bomb him when his shields go down.
  14. Happy New Year, Ty! :drunk

  15. Merry Christmas, Ty-Rex! http://forums.snapstream.com/vb/images/smilies/santa_smiley.gif

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