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  1. This weird record is gone, or at least not shown anymore. Don't know when ms remove it but I can't see it today (2016/6/24)
  2. Anybody still play this and freezing after beat alien king check this post http://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=552885&anchor=6029478#m6029478 Remove Galios or change your team member to avoid freezing
  3. I guess the game pick (or generate?) 9 players with different skill level. So you don't have to compete with many expert players. I only spend around 40 plays so that's just my theory. If you are afraid you can get it as soon as possible. My recommendation is playing the song "Metal Zone" with advenced difficulty. It's short and not hard to master.
  4. I find some different problem for you to reference. I have a external ssd in back usb port. I place guitar receiver in back usb port. If I install GH game in external ssd, and launcher the game. The input is crappy in GH Live mode. Can't even play any song. But if works fine in GH TV mode. So I move GH game to internal hd, and reboot the game. Now GH Live mode works fine as GH TV mode. I think the usb mass storage interrupt block the controller interrupt or something similar. So change a usb port as dad198 said could be a solution. And if you install in external storage then try to move it to internal storage.
  5. The game "Dark Void" in my completion list has the same problem, list twice. Look like it's similar bug.
  6. Don't you die on me! Find 5 player and get a survival game in terminal. During wave 2~6, leave a RAGER alive and kill all others. Carefully make the RAGER transform once, then it will become extreme aggresive attacking players instead of tunel. Now just use medic play with it. If you lose the game that's allright. You can always continue play from the start in the same map.
  7. I found 2 better ways to deal with archons, more safe and quick. Both requires Hypercoil. You can replace your primary weapon in the update menu betweens waves. Method 1: Boost and fly to the archon and try to land near it. Don't shoot in the air or it will shoot back. You want to land with as much health as possible. Once you lands take one of its leg as a cover and charge your hypercoil. Then just shoot the leg in front of you, which you use as a cover. You need to hold RT to keep shooting till hypercoil overheat, the archon will die before the second full shoot. The archon will turn around so you have to move with it. It's machine gun is not very powerful but if you don't try to hide you will probably die before it. Method 2: Use your rocket pack machine gun/missile to blow up all 4 red spots. Then land or hover near it. Charge hypercoil and shoot, the archon will die before a full shoot. I use method 1 in wave 5, and method 2 in wave 10. Because I have missile update in wave 10 and it's quite fast to blow up red spot. And the default hypercoil ammo is just enough to charge 5 shoot.
  8. block the uppercut and input forward+hp+hk immedatly
  9. I will say NO... The first 7 of each character are almost the same, but they are just basic moves. And 8 9 10 of each character are quite different from mvc3. They are harder, and most of them require delay air combo timing to link next ground combo. In mvc3, quite a few missions require delay air combo timing.
  10. Congratulation. Since you can do "tiger knee" input. Try Magneto #10. It's simple and you don't have to delay anything, just need 1 "tiger knee" hyper in last command.
  11. I guess you will re-write your data sheet after you try all of them, since you still have too many missions "still work on". I have complete all 500 missions, and I only recommanded avoid Sentinel #10, X-23 #10, and Wolverine #10. Maybe add Dante #9. Because those missions require strict timing. Some missions require strict timing too but you can use X-factor to help, Morrigan #10, Felicia #10, Tron #10, Phoenix #10, so they won't be a big problem. You just have to practice untill you can input all commands without thinking, then you will find they are not that hard.
  12. viper 10 I am sure you don't have to use "tiger knee" input to cancel first hit of ground s to light thunder knuckle, just like the video. And use back jump cancel seismo help you don't push skull so much and sometime you will get to another side after light thunder knuckle.
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