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  1. NG+ for Omega or NG+ for the main game? Because I found my level X Chakram on my first Omega playthrough.
  2. There's a datapad worth... 1 500 credits in the same room where you discover who the Talon chief is. With the med-bay behind your back, you can see some computer screens, windows and two Cerberus corpses slightly to the right next to some crates. The datapad is behind those crates.
  3. Any multiplayer based on playlists is stupid. It should be like on the PC where you can choose the map, the game type etc, without having to vote or hope it shows up.
  4. The thing that bugs me even more is the obsession about making Shepard fall every goddamn 5 minutes. It's neither fun nor dramatic. It's just useless and annoying.
  5. It's just on par with Mass effect DLC's history... Aside from LOTSB, I can't recall a piece of DLC that was brilliant. As usual, this could have been so much better. A lot of wasted possibilites and another disappointment. I absolutely loved Mass Effect 1 despite all the technical problems. Mass effect 2 had nice improvements but mostly bad ones, the more action oriented style to name one. Mass effect 3 buried the franchise. It went from an awesome game with a few flaws to a hugely disappointing game with a few redeeming points. As for Omega in particular, I liked the female turian but I think an interaction with Garrus would have been extremely funny. Don't get me started on what happens to her at the end, it's another proof that Bioware doesn't know how to finish this game and that the trick they use is overused. I can't stand this trend in games; it was dramatic in Modern Warfare 1 because NOBODY expected it and it was brilliantly done; now a few years later it's just ridiculous. I was nearly yawning when it happened... The thing that really annoys me is not how bad it is, but rather how good it could have been and what has become of the franchise
  6. Nope. I have my 5 loadouts with custom names and it reset without any reason yesterday.
  7. SatNite, I had the same problem with billboards yesterday. After hitting them all, I realized 3 of them didn't register. I've come to 2 conclusions: 1) Be sure you go fast enough, sometimes hitting them slowly doesn't work 2) Do somesthing that will trigger the autosave WITHOUT changing cars or teleporting... And even when I got the achievement, my map in-game didn't show 2 of the billboards...
  8. Let's hope for you guys they won't make a habit of it... Really?! Was it also the same for the "Month 1 car pack"?
  9. 2 things: 1) Thanks for the videos. They are clear, well made and easy to understand. 2) If you have the opportunity, could you make a map with all the things to discover (billboards, gates, jumps, cars)?
  10. How, when, where I am starting a flame war? Angry? Not at all... Fan? I've never bought a NFS game and the last one I played was Underground 2 for 30 minutes in 2004... So you want to play this stupid game of who has the last word... Of course I can't be a 100% sure the car packs won't have achievements, but given: 1) Forza's history regarding car packs not having achievements 2) Horizon having monthly car packs like Forza core series, and an extension planned 3) The trimestrial limitation by Microsoft on how much achievements (number & value) can be added One can safely assume that Horizon's car packs will not be shipped with achievements. So u like your country more... OK i understand that. But seriously are u gonna tell me your country is better than mine? (In case you can't sense sarcasm, here's the translation: We all have different tastes. EVERYTHING is relative. I have fun with A when you have with B. That doesn't mean A is better than B damn it...) Once again, nope. I'm talking about comparing stuff that is related. GT and Forza are simulations you can somehow compare. Horizon is a toned down simulation with bits of arcade. NFS MW 2012 (I'm only talking about this one) is pure arcade. It's like comparing a green apple (GT) with a red apple (Forza). Horizon is a tomato (tough of as a vegetable but is in fact a fruit). NFS MW 2012 is a potato. Sure, you can compare the taste, but there's no point doing it.
  11. Not gonna happen. The name says it all: "CAR packs". The extension though will come with new events, and possibly achievements (can someone confirm that?). For the Xth time, Turn10 doesn't develop the game. Playground games is in charge of the Horizon series while Turn10 focuses on the core Forza Motorsport 5/6/etc. As much as I can understand your excitement for Horizon, your wish is stupid and egoistic. We need both games because they are different. I love the core series and don't like Horizon, others love both games, others love Horizon and don't like the core series. Why should it be incompatible? You can play Horizon, I can play the core series. There is enough demand and money to be made to sustain both games at the same time from 2 different developers. Nope. The new NFS most wanted and Forza Horizon are totally different games you can't compare. NFS is pure arcade madness, Horizon is a test to see if 1) the Forza engine can withstand an open world, all terrain, light simulation game. 2) the demand is high enough to make money Even the multiplayer is different. If you want to compare NFS MW 2012 to something, compare it to Burnout Paradise (same developer, practically the same game).
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