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  1. Need Co-Op partner now to do the 'In Sync' achievement! anyone that wants to get it now add: NoK HiTmaNz
  2. Please add me for the 'In Sync' Achievement! Gamertag: NoK HiTmaNz
  3. This isnt working for me i kill the last tanks that try get in your base but the boss just runs at my base and i cant defend it? what am i doing wrong?
  4. Realy worth the buy, Very addictive and its a great game to chill on!
  5. Awesome, Ye we will have different gamertags!
  6. Just a quick question do both players get the achievements on splitscreen?
  7. Thanks, Also can both players (splitscreen) get the achievements?
  8. Well me and my GF play games like borderland together as it is a good split screen game i was wondering if this is worth the buy? can you get levels up and customize your character?
  9. Well i need number 14 on the AWU Genreal Secretary Joe Chen, Anyone got any ideas? Then i have them all
  10. tally2425


    cheers guys done it
  11. tally2425


    How do i do the campaign in versus mode? do i have to load up a private game and start?
  12. Everyone game i join is normal full tho so cant invite any of my friends lol
  13. tally2425


    Well was realy looking forward to this game to play online with my mates, But you cant acutually get a party together and play can you? Another thing is that you can have ranked games which i think every game should have ranked. Anyone else think this game has been abit of a let down?
  14. Well im looking for the latest game that work with splitscreen, Borderlands was a great game for this as both players could enjoy everything about the game and all the achievements. So im just looking for games that have split screen, Please tell me as i need some to play
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