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  1. Thanks for confirming that. I had hoped there would be more achievements. Ah well.
  2. EDIT: This solution seemed to help, but only for a bit (and maybe some other things I did). I only had a few minutes today so I deleted my game and re-installed it. I also freed up about 10GB of hard drive space (30GB ish hard drive space free total) and deleted my backup copy of my save file on the cloud. ORIGINAL: The issue happens for me in either Online or Offline mode. Thanks for the replies! I will try all of your suggestions when I get the chance and let you know how it affects the problem.
  3. EDIT 4: Since the latest update this issue seems to be fixed??? EDIT 3: This issue seems to stem from the fact that I have just done too much in my one world. I started a new world yesterday and played for several hours without any issue. But going back to my old world it still "lags" a ton while I am offline and in single player. Does anyone else have issues with this? I will be playing for a bit, and then the game will start lagging, and getting worse and worse. For example, I will be mining, and the stone block will show being destroyed, but then it will reappear in the exact same spot. I have played up to a point where I have to mine the same block four times before it truly disappears and I collect the resource. When traveling in a minecart, this lag is manifested as the game pauses every couple of seconds, for a second or two, as you travel along the rail. I love this game and have been playing it obsessively but frankly this NEW lag is going to be a game breaker for me, and I am going to have to stop playing. I have had this happen in offline and online games. Anyone else with this issue? Any solutions you have found? EDIT: After some more testing it just seems like my world is too big which makes no sense. My save file is 17 MB compared to two other worlds I have which work fine that are only 6 MB and 9 MB. Would this be causing the problem? I seriously cannot play this game in it's current condition. EDIT 2: The issue happens for me in either Online or Offline mode.
  4. I am having a similar problem. I played this before and got to the shark (6 levels) and then set this game down for a while. Now I am playing it again today and I they aren't saved?!? I have to redo those 6 levels just to get to where I was at! Very frustrating. Does Adventure mode have to be done in one sitting?!?
  5. Use this thread to find people to trade any of the online achievements. Yeah same here. I have been trying to convince all my friends to get it. It can be hard to get into matches sometimes... Add me if you want to play or trade for achievements. gt: mistwhisper117
  6. feel free to add me, mention Apples to Apples, gt: mistwhisper117
  7. UPDATE 2: I would actually just recommend using Google/Bing and search for the five-letter answers using key words from the red cards. Just finished the single player campaign doing it that way. UPDATE: The more and more I do this it seems like the game has endless combinations. The opposite of what I am doing may be possible. Instead of writing down the green cards and their solutions per level, writing down all the red cards and the possible green cards seems like an easier route. I am not sure I am up to the task (hence the "?" in the title of the post), but just an idea... Once you get a green card, pause the game and look up the red card below: Original post: "It might be nice to put up a guide for the solutions to the single player levels like levels 4 and up. And that point you have to "fill in the blank" for at least a couple of levels. I got stuck for a bit. The cards seems to rotate through though so if you can learn and memorize some, you eventually get lucky and can get past the level. I will write down the ones that I come across but there's no way I can get them all." Here's a rough draft example- Green Card: RED CARD ROUND 6 Cheesy: SOUND Classic: PIANO Corny: SWIFT Funky: ? Goody-Goody: BEACH Grungy: GREEN Laughable: MUSIC Loud-mouthed: ? Mean: SIMON Melodramatic: CAREY Patriotic: ? Quirky: ? Trite: ? ROUND 7 Annoying: ? Appetizing: CHIPS Armed & Dangerous:? Casual: ? Cranky: ? Cute: SEALS Deadly: LIONS Dynamic: ROBIN Embarrassing: BIRDS Fast & Furious: BULLS Feisty: ? Ferocious: BEARS Fluffy: SHEEP Frustrating: MOUSE Innocent: ? Legendary: JONAH Light & Fluffy: GOOSE Plump & Tender: ? Rambunctious: ? Sexy: MEGAN Sick: SWINE Tasty: ? Violent: SHARK Wired: BUNNY
  8. Haha, yeah my bad. I deleted my post but I guess I didn't do it fast enough. I am not sure what was up but I reloaded an old save and it worked fine. Thanks!
  9. You are talking about Field Engineer. Everyone else is talking about Combat Engineer.
  10. So I played all the levels in co-op. I know on the last level at least that something was up cause I had to keep rejoining my game. I am going to try replaying the level but if that doesn't work will that ruin the 100% completion? Will I have to start a new save? The game was acting like the second controller (my younger brother) was first player after the level because he was the one that had to press start to continue past the credits and such
  11. Indeed. Most excellent work. This guide should be sticked, not the one that currently is. This guide is way more specific, and accurate, and includes DLC #3. Thanks a bunch!
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