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  1. Been waiting for this video to upload for the past 3 days, longest upload ever lol, I guess you have to wait for YouTube to process it as well. Are you still uploading it or given up on it? Maybe split it into 2-3 parts if its giving you grief.
  2. On mission 3 you left out how to eliminate the Pendleton brothers non-lethally, the rest helped out though! I appreciate your guide, thanks. Actually scratch that, I wasn't paying attention
  3. All working fine for me except the lack of episode 3
  4. HALO 4 is a nice map with a couple of villages, one mountain and a huge underground maze of tunnels, mine shafts, chasms, train tracks and resources.
  5. Haha, as soon as I finished the reading this I knew what it was, the mighty boosh can be found on Navi X
  6. I'm a proud supporter of wikileaks, assange and Bradley manning and I couldn't care less what some asshole in authority with some perverse idea of freedom thinks of people like me.
  7. In no particular order 1. Curry 2. Curry 3. Curry 4. Curry 5. Curry
  8. Red or Black? X Factor Britains got talent Strictly come dancing The cube Take me out I'm a celebrity! Get me out of here You get the picture, no words could ever described how I feel about these kind of shows :mad:
  9. Anyone here set up xbmc on this?
  10. What brand are these cheap projectors on eBay? I have a lower end optoma full hd projector, great for watching HD films and some games but I couldn't get used to playing black ops online due to the slight ghosting it gave (only time I get ghosting). If you find some reviews and they say it's ok for the price then get one, obviously it's not going to compete with the expensive models but if your not going to be fussy over black levels, depth of colour etc then you'll soon wonder why you never got one before, projectors are simply awesome Forgot to add that if you do decide to get one, think about how your going to sort out the sound.
  11. Thanks for PMing me, would of missed this. I read everyone talking about it but couldn't find any instructions so you have been a great help (even a year later lol)
  12. There's snow, it could be set at Christmas time which obviously means there's going to be a Santa necromorph with little necroelfs which you have to kill with the pointy end of Xmas trees.
  13. Thanks for the tip Ronnie. Got it on my third try
  14. I recently played a game of black ops and did quite well, straight after I got a message from a guy claiming to be a moderator and has reported me with no reason given. So I decided to google his gamer tag, turns out he wasn't too bright, he uses the same name for practically everything on the web. I message him back with his full name, DOB, where he lived, music tastes, personal habits, family info, hobbies etc, he wasn't too pleased demanding to know how I found out, I just left it at that.
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