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  1. GT: Kebabsaurus Rex Game: Middle Earth: Shadows of War
  2. Want to boost hero hunt win in multiplayer. Gt is kebabsaurus rex UK based on all the time. Happy to help with other stuff.
  3. cheers mate I am sure there is a gankfest place in there somewhere anyway like gankfest garden in Dark Souls I
  4. I have not played the game yet, awaiting the UK release date. I just wondered if people are respecting online etiqeutte regarding PvP or just attack on site?
  5. Thanks, thats the reason I killed the undead vendor early in DS1 to get the katana
  6. Just wondering if this is possible and if they give any rare drops.
  7. Boosting I killed them all on Thursday 11th March 2016, 8pm UK time. Add me if you want to boost this. GT: kebabsaurus rex
  8. Looking to boost I killed them all. Only achievement I need on this. GT: kebabsaurus rex will help others with whatever they like UK based, on most evenings
  9. Playing on the xbox one, killed the queen bee. I have all the ingredients which are needed but I cannot figure out how to make a crispy honey block - the wiki says you can craft in a furnace I cannot see it. Any ideas or help appreciated......
  10. hit most tanks in the rear an autoloader tanks works well, for example the luchs get behind them and unload as close to point blank as you can an opponent with an extinguisher makes this easier - set him on fire, he puts it out, then hit him again
  11. looking to boost I killed them all only achievement I need for the 2000, willing to help others out GT: kebabsaurus rex
  12. I find the following happen to me a lot on titanfall: 1. disconnect from server (server issue) 2. while a map is loading the game kicks me back to the xbox menu and titanfall restarts 3. the game freezes making a horrible noise for a bout 10 seconds and then kicks me back to the xbox menu and titanfall restarts anyone else had problems with 2 and/or 3? dont know if its my disc or my xbox one
  13. I have 600,000 credits and nothing to spend them on.........
  14. ^^ funny anyway my titan loadout for defense is: chaingun cluster missile smoke then kit that makes you missile regen quicker and titan punch smoke, back off, cluster and chaingun em
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