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  1. Looking to boost 700 points, need 2 more. GT- Ragnarok1986
  2. Looking to do all Choas squad, having zero look with randoms! UK Msg- Ragnarok1986 Online now
  3. I've tried this but X doesn't do anything on my map :/
  4. For someone reason I had loads of Riddle locations on my minimap I have booted the game up today and they have all gone Even more annoying is the fact the goons in green wont show up either Has anyone had this issue and can advise a fix?
  5. Add me, I also need this with 2 at 32 plus exotics. Gt- Ragnarok1986
  6. Looking for the perfect raider achievement. Completed 30+ Raids and this is one of my lasts ones. Gt/ Ragnarok1986
  7. Paid £10 for it yesterday second hand. I wouldn't have paid over £20 for it with how long it's been out. Great game but no reply value once completed.
  8. So I've done everything which all read 100% completed and achievements unlocked! But this one says 80% on the achievements tracker and hasn't unlocked. Any ideas?!?
  9. Hi I'm moving across to the PS4 so I will be joining your sister site. Any chance I can transfer my information across rather than starting a new account?

  10. I don't think they have yet, the main drawback would be the money you need to put down for the bounty each time.
  11. Posted by Owl95 on the TA website. "This is the method you should use if both you and your boosting partner are over rank 50 (of course, the higher the better) Using one of the characters in story mode, press start and select 'Online', 'Join GTA Online' and 'Create Invite only session'. When everything's loaded, invite your boosting partner. Now, head to an open area with your boosting partner and give Lester a call (once you press A to call him, just keep tapping A so you go over the options quicker). After the bounty's set up, kill your boosting partner and call Lester right away to get another bounty set up. Your boosting partner (who has previously set up a bounty on your head) will now get the kill and set up another bounty immediately. Just keep killing and setting up bounties on each other. You will only lose $1000 for each bounty claimed, so it doesn't matter if you put a $2000 bounty or a $10000 one. This method highly depends on both player's ranks. When I was boosting with someone who was at rank 80, I was getting almost 1.5k RP for each bounty claimed. Killing someone who's at rank 50 gives you around 1k RP. If done correctly, you should be able to get 5 kills in 3 minutes (maybe 6 kills if you're fast enough). This will net you and your partner around 15k RP in 6 minutes (providing you are both at rank 80). As far as I can tell, this method is even faster than Criminal Records, but it takes twice the effort to pull off."
  12. Looking for a low level player to use the Cargobob to Lift me into the air in my car. Will return favour. GT- Ragnarok1986
  13. I'll do the Arm wrestling one. GT- Ragnarok1986
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