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  1. I bought the season pass and it says Paige is installed but I can't find her in the dlc section of wrestlers and I can't find where to download the wcw pack either it says it cost 7.99 where I seen it on the Xbox store could anyone tell me what I did wrong or what happened
  2. xbox approved the patch it will be out july 23rd at 2am pacific time
  3. patch 2 aint came out but the developers sent the patch to xbox on 7-9-2011 and then it takes 7 to 10 days for xbox to put it on xbox live it should be out soon
  4. we need four people to join our team so when can get the achievement so if you want to join send me a friend request my gamertag is larry88 2008
  5. thats what they told me i figure that dont plan on fixing the game
  6. I need to trade 10 wins send me a friend request my GT is larry88 2008
  7. Is anyone else having a problem with the crew games not working cause everytime me and my other crew member start a match it says the game is finalizing and kicks both of us back to the start screen before the game even starts and if anyone one is wanting to join a crew send me a message my gamer tag is larry88 2008
  8. this is a dumb question but i get how you get the 3-5 streak achievements but how do you get a ranked pick up game because me and my buddy is tryin to boost some of the wins but we cant figure it out we know how to match up in a quick game and i know this has probably been asked already before
  9. me and a friend of mine is trying to do the crew races online so if anyone else needs to do the crew races send me a friend request my GT is larry88 2008 cause we need 6- 8 players on some of them i think
  10. me and my friend was trying to race the crew races online but it said we need more players and i was wondering how many more people we really need
  11. i have the one billion dollar achievement plus the complete league 7 twice so do i have to get one billion dollars and complete league 7 on another save
  12. Do you have to get all of the tunings after you start the tuning challenge? If so then what do you do after that?
  13. Does the four yellow thing you gotta hit spell out fake? what do you gotta hit after the four yellow things?
  14. ok i won 20 races and didnt get the avhievement do u have to win 20 races or win 20 races at 20 different tracks
  15. In 007 crafts video he runs down the steps and jumps over the fench then shoots the lock on the door but when i hope over the fench there is wood blocking the door and i cant figure out how to move the wood i tried blowing it up with gernades an everthing can someone explain how to get pigeon 125
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