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  1. Having this exact same issue. Was working yesterday as I did the challenges around 2:00 PM EST, but now I can't sign in at all. Only this Microsoft game, on both tablet and laptop. Frustrating to say the least.
  2. So, I've had this game forever and just realized it's not on the store anymore. I'm missing the 100-games played and free kick achievements, does anyone know off-hand if these are obtainable in FUT? My GotW gives me a weird screen now after I downloaded this weeks teams. It just shows like a generic flavor text for the team name and logo and shows absolutely nothing. Worried.
  3. So, the Majestic ones didn't pop for me at all. I tried getting the one you can do in Custom Games and that worked fine, but the others refuse to pop. I am sad panda.
  4. Kind of like how Dark Souls is a Japanese wRPG.
  5. Just had the "Guardians of Lemuria" achievement glitch on me and it appears several people on TA are having the same problem. The Uplay thing popped and gave me the reward, but the achievement isn't unlocking regardless of what I do. Torn between waiting for a patch and just deleting / re-installing everything to see if that fixes it.
  6. It's pretty funny that my petition topic got absolutely zero coverage and it's the whole reason the reset happened. Unfortunately, if you wanted the achievements you've got a long line of people to go through at this point.
  7. Update for those who still follow this. Late last week I tweeted to several different Twitter accounts asking them to please look at the petition and consider implementing one of the changes. Unbeknownst to me until today the Content Manager over at IO Interactive responded mere hours after I tweeted. He said, Travis ‏@IO_Travis 18 Jul @kliqIMB I will try & find out what, if anything, can be done on IO's part. Lots of vacation time in July so expect slow progress. And that my friends is what we call progress, if albeit slow progress. But the fact remains that someone has taken notice and is at least making some effort on our behalf. So, if it's not too much trouble and you have a Twitter account. Send this guy a friendly "thank you" tweet just to show him that a) We care about this issue and b) We appreciate his time and effort. I'm posting this on x360a, TA, MGP, GameFAQs, and emailing it to those whom have signed the petition, so I apologize if you end up seeing this message more than once. It's hard to create a blanket of information without some overlap.
  8. Hey guys, after reading through a forum here and on Eidos's website I decided to go ahead and pen up a very eloquent and thought-out letter to IO Interactive, Eidos Montreal / Square Enix Europe & Square Enix. But instead of just sending them a letter I made it into a petition (found here: https://www.change.org/petitions/io-interactive-eidos-montr%C3%A9al-square-enix-europe-square-enix-unlock-celebrity-true-elite-achievements-in-kane-lynch-dead-men ) . Each time this petition is signed, IO, EM, SEE, and the Senior Public Relations Manager of SE all get an email. I figured the more people that got bombed with emails the better. Additionally at the end of this message I have more contact information for everyone to NICELY spam. We don't want these people thinking were being jerks about it, we just want to be heard. Also, I included the LinkedIn information for more digging to try and find contact info. You can message them on there, but as it's a more business oriented site, they might get upset. Anyway, I'm posting this pretty much everywhere achievements are discussed, but feel free to post share this with whomever you'd like. I plan on messaging the admins here at TA and maybe x360a to see if we can get this on the front page to get the word out. I set the goal at 5,000 but I believe I can increase it if necessary. IO Interactive Contact Info Phone #: +45 33 73 29 00 (Denmark) Address: Kalvebod Brygge 35-37 DK-1560 Copenhagen V Email: [email protected] Twitter: Studio Head: (People Directly Associated With Kane & Lynch: Dead Men) Game Director: https://www.facebook.com/jpkurup Associate Producer: (LinkedIn List of All IO Interactive Employees) http://www.linkedin.com/vsearch/p?f_CC=10937&trk=rr_connectedness Note: On June 17th 2013, IO Interactive laid off almost 50% of its staff. The above persons may or may not still be affiliated with the company. However, they might still be able to point us in the correct direction. Eidos Montréal / Square Enix Europe Contact Info EM Phone: 514-670-6300 EM Address: 400 de Maisonneuve West 6th Floor, Montréal, Québec Canada, H3A 1L4 EM Email: [email protected] [email protected] EM Twitter: SEE Address: Wimbledon Bridge House 1 Hartfield Road Wimbledon London SW19 3RU SEE Twitter: (LinkedIn List of All Eidos Montréal / Square Enix Europe Employees) http://www.linkedin.com/vsearch/p?f_CC=163586&trk=rr_connectedness
  9. It's the dude at the end of the bamboo forest. I've literally tried upwards of 50 times and I just can't seem to block every attack. It's total bullshit that he hand attacks are different speeds sometimes because it throws off the "rhythm" this game supposedly purports. I get the no music thing here. Whatever. But I know he only has four attacks. Two hits really quick with the shaky hands, that same one but slower and literally no other telegraph to indicate it's the slow one, the one chop followed by three hits, and then the back up attack. That's fucking it. And yet, still haven't managed to best him.
  10. I don't see all the clamor about glitches and whatnot with Headhunter. Took me about six really good tries to do it. The first time I got the guy on the stair case I got it. Pretty much every other room was a cake walk. I never had it not register a headshot. Daredevil on the other hand was a bitch and a half to do. And currently By My Hands is giving me a headache. But oddly enough the most infuriating achievement thus far has been Time Management. It shouldn't be difficult. But holy shit did I replay Bend Time Massacre something like 100 times to get that one. I got so good at it I'm 3rd in the world on the leaderboards on 360.
  11. Sorry if this has already been stated, but I did a quick search and didn't see it anywhere. Plus, I know this has been out for like ever and most everyone has probably already beaten it, but whatever. Anyway, I was using Cooperfication's video on YT, but I could never make the jump onto the train, so I watched Marcus's vid here and noticed he had significantly more mana. Upon reading the comments on YT everyone said just keep restarting. BUT, there's a sure fire way to get the mana regen every time you restart which is to simply use a blink anywhere and right before it starts to regen, restart. The way the game registers the mana it will regen on top of your starting mana pool, thus giving you the extra. I would also recommend that when you get to the end of Marcus's vid, when he Blinks left down to the stairs, instead look to the right and up above the train where there are two assassins. If you double jump Blink and spam A in the air you can get on top of there and sprint to the ledge and Blink into the zone. I finished with 30,158, whereas he only finished with 30,030.
  12. I had the original fighter pre-order on Amazon from day one till they took it down and at GameStop till they took it down. I comment on the Phantom Breaker fb posts occasionally as well. But things are looking grim guys. I honestly don't know if we'll see it over here. Which sucks because the demo is pretty fun, and I love the Chaos;Head Steins;Gate Robotics;Notes universe.
  13. I had already recovered and re-got them, that's why I was confused. But I believe everything has sorted itself out now. My overall GS somehow got 20 ahead of itself, but I just went through and manually calculated it and everything adds up.
  14. Okay, now I'm both pissed, confused, and scared. Decided to play a bit of this today since the cheeves were back online and I unlocked 3 of the DLC ones. They unlocked fine... at first. Now it's showing that I have them unlocked at the time I originally unlocked them aka several days ago, but only the three I currently have unlocked. The others are still yet to be won. On top of that the Gs isn't calculating right. It says 24/38 on my tag, but when I click on it it says 27/38. Same thing when I look at Xbox.com it actually shows me having those three unlocked when I click it, but my activity feed doesn't and my Gs is 20 short. What. The. Actual. Fuck.
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