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  1. Some tips now I have my 1k, first up I should say its quick, the 100 especially is nothing to worry about, I'd have been done 2 days ago if it wasn't for the servers but don't be put off, you'll see why in a minute... To start with I was double boxing everything and I was level 50 before I found out that single boxing races gives more xp than double boxing, makes no sense but whatever. At very low levels, Last Team Standing at the Beacon Theatre gives great xp if running 2 copies. It takes 19 seconds + loading, gives 790rp and $1700 cash if I recall correctly. rp doesn't change it seems with this game mode though. At mid levels, the prison race seems to work out best, I love maths but it's been done plenty in this thread and quite honestly it depends how quickly your box is loading the level, compare and work it out for yourself, my loading times were around 35 seconds for 1 box, I've heard more and less. REMEMEBER 1 360 only!!! Don't waste time like me. At higher levels, downtown underground is the way to go, as you get to higher levels, the rp payoff increases. By the end I was getting just under 3000rp per race, race time was 1:12 to 1:15 per race + loading, using the super car class, non upgraded car. I'm not good at races so I'm sure with upgrades 10 seconds could be knocked off that. Either way, by the end the levels don't really slow down since you get more xp for each. Also, the progress is NOT exponential like most games (including things like Gears of War, chromehounds) where 81-82 was the mid point, its a quadratic relation so half way is under level 70. A basic approximation of the relation (just using a few data points) is: y = 138.14x^2 + 2145.6x - 12872 where y = required rp and x = level so set x to the level you wish to know how much rp is required for and you'll get a close answer. Don't forget the levels are discretised etc so its just an approximation. I presume the progression past level 100 follows the same pattern also. If anyone noted down more data points they could derive a more accurate equation. I guess most people would only care what 25, 50 and 100 requirements are anyways. A method I would have investigated if the level 100 was more substantial would be the deathmatch boost. Set 60 minute game, no kill limit, run 8 copies, the kill combo achieved could be quite substantial if no cap, this is untested but people may want to look into it. I didn't bother when the level 100 is under 40 hours anyway. Also my tips on the two achievements people seem to be having problems with: Numero Uno = Blue markers Enjoy your stay = Black markers simple as that, use the key on the right and do one of each type, though I think all pay and spray, and clothing stores respectively mayy be grouped. Make sure to do something at each, get a haircut, use the car wash. The last thing I did when it popped was to have a drink at the strip club, although I had previously done a private dance, this wasn't reflected in my stats so maybe just doing something at the club would count. All 3 shooting ranges count towards one if not both of these as well I believe. For numero uni, make sure to do all the race types, that may include all modifiers: Lap, Point to point, GTA, point to point gta, rally, point to point rally (both of which as drive and co-driver). The last thing I did before it unlocked was complete wave 10 of survival. Also, my 30 platinums popped right on schedule. I would recommend wins and the associated awards so shooting range x3, darts, arm wrestling, racing, gta racing. Kills are long except melee which is only 50 for platinum. There are several awards which are tied to achievements anyways. Also there are a couple which can be done afk such as heli pilot time and passenger time. I would say there are about 35 short and easy platinums so some options before having to spend tons of time boosting. I would recommend 2 copies for ease.
  2. Just a heads up, I've found the best way to send a 360 from the UK to the US is via DHL. It generally costs £55 - £60 and takes 2-3 working days to get there. Still expensive, but quick and safe, I've sent quite a number and all have got there safe and sound in no time
  3. I also had a problem with the true ending showing up, however when it did it may be one of two things: I had juuuust passed 7 hours playtime (may be coincidence) and I also made a couple of extra outgoing calls as outlined here: ■Chapter 8 自己相似のアンドロギュノス ☆「しかし、俺の心には、見慣れた風景が戻ってきた…」 助手からのメールを開く 8/14 13:01『証明して説明!』 どういうことを選択して返信する ☆「え、はい……」 助手からのメールを開く 8/14 13:21『そんなわけあるか』 ☆「だが──」 そのまま進める ☆「ダルから電話が来た。」 ダルからの電話に出る ☆「男の子は、そうじゃないのかな……?」 助手からのメールを開く 8/13 17:16『非モテ女より』 ☆「ボクのこと、覚えていて……くれますか?」 セーブ⑦ そのまま進める ☆「と言っているそばからメールが来る。」 ルカ子からのメールを見る 8/15 19:26『教えてください』 ルカ子END (実績:背徳と再生のリンク) セーブ⑦から アドレス帳から電話レンジ(仮)に電話発信する (実績:自己相似のアンドロギュノスを取得) ■Chapter 9 無限連鎖のアポトーシス ☆「……このまま、タイムリープしてしまっても…」 電話しないで進める ☆「──っ!」 助手からの電話に出る ☆「なんとしても、萌郁のケータイを…」 アドレス帳から電話レンジ(仮)に電話発信する ☆「ギクリとして、その場で飛び上がりそうになった。」 助手からの電話に出る ☆ポケットから萌郁のケータイを取り出した。 助手からのメールを見る 8/11 21:53『連絡しろバカ!』 不安を選択して返信する ☆「お前はFBとの”メールだけの関係に”…」 助手からのメールを見る 8/12 18:04 『Re:Re:連絡しろバカ!』 ☆最後に俺はもう一度、横たわる萌郁を見た。」 そのまま進める ※(実績:無限連鎖のアポトーシスを取得) Just in case anyone was in the same boat as me, I did nothing different besides that so one of the two will hopefully fix it for people as I was suuuuuuure I follwed everything up until that point, also I have the DLC if that makes a difference to when the true ending shows up.
  4. I think that's incredibly rude to be honest, do you really expect him to reply to every single message and one for a guide he wrote a while ago, besides the guide is absolutely spot on, I can only say that it is the users fault as to why it didn't work, if you have such a great problem with it, why not write one yourself The only thing I should add to the guide is that the ネガティブ人間ふたたび achievement didn't unlock straight away for me I just had to pick the 11th trigger autosave from the 8th run and fastforward a little more, I was too anxious to quit out and should have waited for the quick save, my fault. By 1 Hour, 54 minutes I had 1k and writted this post! Very Very easy Rememeber to use the lb button wherever possible and count your autosaves if you think you missed a trigger, lock in (with y) the first 4 or 5 triggers from the first run so the later runs are quicker since you can start from here rather than the start each time
  5. Thanks once again Sangriaz, 100% perfect guide absolutely spot on for all achievements, it took me exactly 1 hour 59 (plus the time it took to install to HDD ) Kind of annoying since it cost me £100 to import with postage and import tax But o well one of the most hassle/risk free Visual Story games there are
  6. Thanks once again Sangriaz, 100% perfect guide absolutely spot on for all achievements, it took me exactly 1 hour 59 (plus the time it took to install to HDD ) Kind of annoying since it cost me £100 to import with postage and import tax But o well one of the most hassle/risk free Visual Story games there are
  7. Since after you do a route there are extra options for Chisa's no glasses route you cannot any longer use this guide to get an A rank on the first arc, I was faced with the option of starting over a new save or working out a solution, the second option seemed more fun So if you mucked up the first route, or did the glasses route first and you don't want to start over follow these options from new game: 2 (To pick Chisa where there are 5 options) 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 (This is the one which has 3 options) 2 2
  8. Nop no dlc on the disk unfortunately, easy enough to get, taiwanese account and asian points (good news for all the people who have bought them by accident off play-asia ) But nop, last I checked (yesterday) no dlc as of yet, I am unsure whether the chinese or other marketplaces may also distribute the DLC for the TW version but I would not like to risk it.
  9. The coaster dlc is stilll not out for taiwanese carnival games yet Just need to do that and buy stuff and 1250, saving the easy buys for the GSL though, have the tickets ready Anyone know how much of a gap between the 2 dlcs on the normal version? I hope the coaster dlc will be much more fun and less frustrating than the dance one. Pretty easy/daoble 1250 though and fun bar a couple of stupid mini games :/ Would be nice if the game updated on TA as wel... :/
  10. There is a WP7 Time Pilot; it's just another one of those game room games
  11. A 0 E monkey


    Awesome news, been waiting so long for this :D Wooo
  12. Yeah, I too have contacted a seller in both chinese and english, fingers crossed for a response
  13. Well I had a quick gander at that Ruten site and it seems initally you would have to make a fake taiwanese identifaction number, very very doable but also illegal, identity theft? Secondly and much much much worse is you need to phone up their office place using the mobile number you used when creating the account, this number has to be a taiwanese cell phone number. So either buy a Taiwanese phone and learn chinese or find someone in Taiwan to get it or use a different site?
  14. I am still having major problems even getting 1 blazing speed, people say the orange starts building up at speed +1600 but I got speed +2000 several times yesterday and still nothing, also I combod from levl 2 or 3 to level 8 and didn't get it, i can't see how I can go any faster. I can get up to level 9 or occasionally 10 and it doesn't even look like I'm getting close to blazing speed once, it's really annoying me now, is there something I am doing completely wrong?
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