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  1. Anyone having problems with skin packs purchased on the Xbox One? I bought the Avengers pack, it shows that it's installed, but I can't select any of them in game.
  2. Let me state right up front that I'm not very skilled. I do really enjoy the game though and I'd like to get better and try to develop some strategy, given the opportunity to play with a team. GT is Chief Fuglyhead if anyone has a high threshold for noob related pain.
  3. I'm stuck on the fancy throne room (in the foreign market area). http://s1.directupload.net/images/120414/vmajocqg.jpg I have what I believe is the Tetris symbol order which you can only see behind the throne when you rotate the view. The order is: RT LT RT LT RT LT RT RT Entering the RT, LT's by themselves don't work, regardless of which way you're facing in the room. I've tried every permutation that I can think of (on the floor, on the throne seat, on top of the throne, etc.). Now there's also an upside down "T" Tetris symbol on top of the throne, and possibly the 2 square gold candelabra thingies on either side of the throne. I've tried incorporating those into the order as well, which, according to this thread (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=366092) would be :abut:. Trying separately or together, I've still had no luck unlocking anything. Anyone have any ideas for this mystery?
  4. I've played a few matches online today and have seen "Downloaded Content" appear on the bottom left hand corner of some of the red apple cards. If you check under the Unlockables menu, you can see that there are 2 DLC packs listed, but, as far as I'm aware, they are unavailable at this time. Looking in the Marketplace confirms this. In addition, again in the Unlockables menu, you can press the button to redeem a code. There are 2 apple avatars (ninja and bumblebee) listed as being only available via a redeemable code. At first the selection on avatars made me think that this was somehow connected to the independent studio Ninja Bee, but poking around their forums didn't turn anything up. I'm having trouble finding any information about the XBLA version of Apples to Apples at all other than its' announcement and the release date. It's all very mysterious. Does anybody have any information on they can share.
  5. I think I played with you earlier today.
  6. I got the email from Amazon for the Savage Kantus, but not Best Buy yet (and I'm in Florida). I need Mechanic Baird. After all, chicks dig the Baird.
  7. For some reason the tune is reminding me of something Tom Waits has done. I can't recall a title or where I could have heard it, but there it is.
  8. I had the same experience. Maybe they were a last minute addition to the game??
  9. Actually, I got a confirmation email from Gamestop this morning stating that my "PREMIUM, BLUR TOKEN XB360 INET" shipped today. Since it's being shipped via the internet (i.e. email), I'm dumbfounded as to how 3 hours have passed and I still haven't received it. Anyhow, I started playing multiplayer last night, ranking up to level 7, so the pre-order bonus is now completely useless to me. Considering that was the only reason I chose to order Blur from Gamestop over Amazon, it just renewed my lack of faith in that store and I won't make the mistake of ordering anything from them again (even though I really want Shockwave). C'est la vie.
  10. I should have been more clear. I pre-ordered Blur online @ Gamestop.com. They were supposed to sent out an email yesterday with the bonus code, but I haven't received anything from them yet. I called their customer support, but they couldn't tell me anything other than they hadn't sent me an email yet. I'm not really a fan of Gamestop because something similar happened to me the last time I made a pre-order with them. I guess I should just stick with Amazon from now on.
  11. Guess I'll just play then. I had too much fun during the beta to warrant holding out until Gamestop gets their act together. Thanks, guys.
  12. I'm having the same problem with even the smaller fan goals. I try to do offensive damage to as many racers as I can and utilize the defensive power-ups to avoid damage to my own car, but I keep coming up short. If anyone knows the equation for successful fan recruitment, please share.
  13. I pre-ordered Blur from Gamestop. The bonus was the Day One Multiplayer Booster Pack (double the fans for your first 10 online races, a race mode, and the Ford Bronco). Apparently the code for the bonus was supposed to be sent via email on the release date (yesterday), but I still haven't received it. According to my order @ Gamestop.com, the email is "backordered." Not sure how that's possible, but I was curious if anyone else was having the same issue. I'm eager to start playing online, but I don't want to do it if it will negate the whole reason for the multiplayer bonus.
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