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  1. BIEBER Always makes me smile when i write bieber on your packages dude JDM coming out of retirement? Me going into retirement. There's something going on here
  2. 2 out of 3. you got me on consoles dude, I peaked at 14 systems. Around 1050 retail. and 380 arcade.
  3. Pretty sure he's been working at the olympic stadium, so yeah. probably pretty damn busy!
  4. Me wanzt boyonetta gun!!!!!!

  5. MY EBAY


    Tell your friends sexy ;)

  6. Here Here *Round of applause* Another mention for mango and pants - You've both done an amazing job over the past few years, mango still holds up responsibilities at various other 360 sites, and the same goes for pants. Both men are busier than most if not all who come in here trolling like a true troll. Admirable.
  7. Sorry for the shameful plug, but there's a few rare gems going on ebay HERE
  8. Funnily enough, I'm sure the box art for the stackable Battle Vs. Chess doesn't have the normal GFWL header on the box... could possibly be a reason there's no talk about it on other forums?
  9. That gives me little to no hope of it ever actually releasing. Delaying a game that's already been out for over a year??
  10. HA, Fucking awesome milky! If i could, I'd do it too. Just because @Joe - you could try this guy, ask him to send you a physical picture first though, obviously. LINK If it turns out to be a proper case etc. But he wont ship to the states, just let me know and I'll pick it up for you!
  11. I'd just like to make a quick point to anybody else out there that might wander in here and ask about future GOTY releases, and whether or not they will stack with their regular counter-parts! Ever since batman arkham asylum GOTY stacked it seems to be normal for people to ask if new GOTY games will stack... THEY WONT... the only reason Batman AA GOTY stacked was because they essentially changed the entire game, rendering it with 3D compatability. Unless another GOTY release does something similar, all GOTY releases will NOT stack... so don't ask! (AFL live GOTY GWFL is a different case, since it's regular pc version didn't stack in the first place)
  12. I'll throw them all in my JP system when i get off work and let you know. Funny how this all came about because yet again we get a douche asking about stacks when they only have 1 console.
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