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  1. Looking to do all of the co-op achievements. GT: Fringe of Fate
  2. looking to knock out all the co-op achievements and willing to help with whatever in return GT: Fringe of Fate
  3. I need help with Tower of Elephant achievement GT: Fringe of Fate
  4. looking to get renaissance man knocked out. GT - Fringe of Fate
  5. I did my first run with only human mods. I then played through again with no upgrades. Saved right before using the transmitter with Alex at the very end. Popped the no powers achievement and reloaded and bought an alien power and popped the other achievement.
  6. A Different Side of Yu - First you must be at the point where you have acquired the psychoscope. Invest into the MORPH tree of the Typhon Powers. Buy Phantom Shift 1 (2 Neuromods) and pull it up from your power wheel and activate it. You will shoot forward 6 meters and where you were standing will now be a phantom of Morgan. Scan it with your psychoscope and the achievement is yours. Adrift - When you reach the point in the story where you get locked outside the station in space and need to find your way back inside through the cargo hold, there will be a container a ways out directly in front of the hull breach hole. Igwe will contact you when you are close and you need to get near the container number on the side and make a note of it. Go inside the hull breach and on the right side there will be a console where you can type in the number for a container retrieval. Type it and let the container connect to the station and then open then container from the console and he will be saved. Best Served Cold - You can make a save real quick and shoot him in the face when you first meet him in the Crew's Quarters if you want and just reload after. I got this by leaving the cook alive all the way to the escape pod and he tries to kill you with a recycling charge. I disarmed the charge (on his right on the wall, hold Y) and he dies from bleeding out and I was able to get the don't kill any humans as well as he didn't directly die by my hand I guess. Brain Trust - If you rescue Igwe from the Pod out in space when trying to get into the Cargo Hold and then get the medication for Mikhaila, they will both end up in your office with January and as soon as you return to the office the achievement will pop. Both of these things give you access to the Gift to the world and Self Incriminating achievements Gift to the World - After you rescue Igwe and he ends up back in Morgan's office he will give you a new quest to go back to the crew quarters and find his room. Go into his room and play the audio transcribe he gives you in front on a painting of a piano player and it will slide over and you can pick up an item behind it. I forget if it unlocks right away or you have to bring it back. Intrinsic Value - Can be done as soon as you have a recycler charge. Make sure you don't have the preorder bonus chip that makes you immune to recycler damage on and throw a recycler NEAR you, but not On you. You should get sucked in and die and the achievement will pop. It's Alive - You need to invest some neuromods into the MORPH tree of the Typhon Powers. Buy Phantom Shift 1 (2 Mods), then Phantom Genesis 1 (4 Mods). Find a corpse and pull up Phantom Genesis in your power wheel and cast it on the body. It will come to life as a phantom and the achievement will pop. Self Incriminating - You need to have Mikhaila healed from the medicine and in Morgan's office. She will ask you to find out what happened to her father. Go to Deep Storage (From the Arboretum) and there will be a terminal where you can either delete the data or transfer it to Morgan's computer back in his office. I transferred it and then returned to my office to speak with Mikhaila again and then listen to the recording on the computer. You will find out what happened and it will unlock. This Never Happened - When you get to the part where Dahl is sent to kill you, use the stun gun to incapacitate him and you will receive a new quest afterwards to remove the aggressive neuromods from his brain. Follow the steps and meet Igwe in Psychotronics and there you can access the computer to strap him in and remove the mods. Hope some of this helps
  7. Here are all of the food items I believe. These are all the ones I wrote down and the achievement popped for me on the last one. Drinks Cold Mountain Green Tea Duck Beer Green Beetle Gin Kafe Karsk Kings & Way Sparkling Wine Old Sardar Bourbon Pomegranate Moonshine Pop Star Tormizdat Vodka Food Big Bang Candy Captain Spree's Fish Sticks Crispy Frites Glucassist Jellied Eels Methuselah Apple Moonshade Lemon Ossetra Caviar Ran Dom Dim Sum Russian Blinis Shaker Lemon Pie Siskak Unagi Rolls Skyking Pomegranate Spiralite Cookies Sun Dried Tomato Jerkey Sunburst Banana Udon Noodles Veggie Blend
  8. Looking to do the online win achievement. GT: Fringe of Fate
  9. Just need the bells achievement. GT: Fringe of Fate
  10. Looking to do the collectibles for the overwatch missions and channel changer achievements. GT: Fringe of Fate
  11. Looking to do the collectibles for the overwatch missions and channel changer. GT: Fringe of Fate
  12. Looking to do all the multiplayer achievements. GT: Fringe of Fate
  13. Fatalfox


    Thank you! Your steps help me beat it in like 2 seconds. I was stuck here forever.
  14. If you are having a really bad time with her you can camp downstairs in the greenhouse corner and just light her on fire, blast her with the shotgun, light her on fire again. But honestly if you can, get the saw as she didn't even hit me once and I just spammed it into her weak spot and the fight was maybe like a minute long on madhouse.
  15. For your first play through it might be wise to upgrade them both. The M21 Shotgun (the 2 shot) is beast mode. But once you get the Albert handgun, I personally never used anything else really.
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