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    I enjoy No Russian for MW2 way too much.
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  1. Game crashes every time I try and go to the 2k store to buy an item.
  2. Same nothing is explained on how this glitch is triggered.
  3. http://www.360gc.com/x360a-comments/AWoodenLeg.png When I comment on a news article this is what it shows.
  4. I got my gamertag linked on site but its showing me at 50k, I am at over 120k at the moment. Is there a way to update it or what's going on?
  5. I turned off red bricks and game still crashed on me on Starkiller Hub. It has happened every time I am in a vehicle. This makes finishing races very hard.
  6. Anyone else having this problem? I have never had a problem with any lego game ever and this is first one. It has crashed three times on me now. It is usually when I am in a vehicle. I turned off all red bricks. Any ideas what is wrong? I got a disc and its fine.
  7. My tv doesnt give me that option, le sign oh well keep playing tabbed I guess:cool:
  8. IDK what is wrong but the game is already too zoomed in, need to snap an app to see my budge and even then stuff on sides is cut off. I don't have this problem in any other game, anyone else got this or know how to fix it?
  9. well its been out an hour, bet someone finds a spot or glitch to do it easier
  10. Mission 64: Gauntlet I can't find this mission. I got 73 missions. Is it under a different name?
  11. Add Awoodenleg if you want more people
  12. I let my titan auto follow with those weapons, he's a beast.
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