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  1. If anyone is feeling generous over the next week and has gotten everything out of this game that they wanted I would appreciate any gifts which could be sent. Thanks!
  2. I'm just wondering if anybody has tried playing the 360 version of the game after playing the XB1 version? I have never played the 360 version and I'm wondering will my FUT progress in XB1 carry back over to the 360 version of the game when I get it and, if so, will I automatically unlock achievements? This also applies to the 'Be a Pro' mode. Any comments would be appreciated as I am likely going to get the 360 version later this year and it would be helpful to know how much restarting I will have to do. Thanks.
  3. It worked great, thanks for the tip! This is also a good place to get the Elemental Power achievements if you have not got them already.
  4. Congrats Fro, keep up the good work! (and write more in your blog )
  5. It is indeed an April fools joke and quite a funny one I think. There is an article up that you can read about it over on joystiq: http://www.joystiq.com/2011/04/01/april-fools-a-world-of-keflings-becomes-a-world-of-deathlings/
  6. Merry Christmas everyone! :-)
  7. When you are travelling around you will notice random events marked on the map with a blue dot. Go over to these and a good amount of the time it will be people at a campfire, look around the fire and you will find a chest. Open this and you should find the treasure map. You may have to do a few of these as not every random event holds the treasure map.
  8. Nice one, gonna give this a try now thanks alot!
  9. Yep I'm in the same boat, the new Undead achievements don't seem to be ticking off for me unfortunately.
  10. Touchdown! Keep a vehicle in the air for over 5 seconds. A Mafia Minute Keep a vehicle in the air for over 5 seconds. Whatchu flying man? Keep a vehicle in the air for over 5 seconds. Somebody's gonna get whacked for this! Keep a vehicle in the air for over 5 seconds.
  11. Keep your eye out on Just cause 2, game's gonna blow you away or at least take you to an early summer ;)

  12. Happy birthday x360a! GT: NJC Omega
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