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  1. Thanks for sourcing
  2. Yeah, was going to say, I think you all have a list with them already on the forums, without the starred achievements.
  3. The shirts aren't for sale, and the owner of that site [Avid X] doesn't own it. The shirts were for Microsoft employees and friends only.
  4. Ahh, home sweet home. While I may have had some problems with a few people, hence my departure of the site, I somewhat expected better from some people, especially you Zef and Mr Arrow. I never had a problem with any of you guys, and didn't think that not posting in a while would suddenly cause a change of heart. You all can vote for whoever you want on the site, every choice is good, I guess I just thought that I still had some friends on the site despite stepping down from my PR role. I guess not, sorry for coming back. Take care.
  5. I don't mean to bump this old thread without a purpose, but I do have a reason - at least I think. Back in the day, when achievements were new, and people had no idea what GameSaving was... this was one of the most important threads of the site. No, not because I posted a giant image of nFo, but because it was at this time the site took a stance, and hasn't swayed one bit, and now look at any site out there, and tell me the revolution didn't rub off. Enjoy! I miss those old days, when the site was young, and we could do a takeover
  6. Hey all, It has been a while since I have been on here, besides a little posting here and there. Either way, it has been nice to keep in touch with many people on Xbox Live, and other places. However, I am here to ask for a favor, a giant favor actually. I have been nominated for a "Community member of the Year" award from GamerTag Radio, which I can't help but think is somewhat because of x360a, among other things. So, if you have a spare moment, and would like to see an x360a member win, please take a glance at the voting webpage here. http://www.gamertagradio.com/vbportal/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=38 Thanks all, I look forward to reposting a bit now and then, now that I have gotten some things straightened out in real life, and such.
  7. Hows my team been doing. Apologies for not paying attention, I made the team on the wrong yahoo account, hence I never looked at the x360a team.
  8. I just want to chime in and say congrats to everyone, but especially Krazie. For the past year and a half, I don't think I know anyone who works 24/7 to make the site as best as it can be. To finally be promoted to Admin, is a huge honor for him. Congrats Krazie
  9. The word gullible isn't in the dictionary
  10. That a joke Pin? They are on the homepage. I don't know about everyone else, but I can't get the original Tetris from NES out of my head. [Maybe it was GameBoy, either way, the songs remain]
  11. Spartan is a great friend, and a great member of the site. I hope that he has a quick recovery. I am still somewhat shocked at all of this, for a friend who I play weekly with on Xbox Live, I really hope he gets better quick.
  12. I have seen some very strange instant messages today, asking if I joined another achievement site. I had no idea where it was stemming from, until I visited the site, and saw that they had thanked me. I have not joined any other site, and the only 2 sites that I write / post on is these forums, and DaKing240.com <-- my personal blog. So, you can believe what you want, but here is what happened. 1st, I left my role as x360a PR, since it was never a Staff position, it was merely a contibuting role - that came with too much responsability, and not enough power. 2nd, I started using my original blog as a way to reveal information that I had - this included me posting Tetris Splash and The Orange Box achievements. 3rd, While I started advertising my site, I never... I repeat, I never ever sent any email, IM, or message of any sort to, or anyone relating to the other achievement site. I helped build this site, along with the other members, Staff and Admins of this site. I have had 0 talks with any other achievement related site, and hope that it stays this way in the short and long term future. - DaKing240
  13. I edited the original post. At the time, I posted that I was completely leaving the site, which I am not. I am simply leaving my PR role of the site. Also, I highly doubt the site will have any downfall. The site has some very committed people working to make this site as best as it can be. I want to elaborate on 1 point though, which was somewhat misleading. When you are part of a international site, it is very hard to successfully do a job to make everyone happy. At the end of the day, some people will be happy, some people will be unhappy, and at this point in time, I didn't have the patience to deal with everything that was going on. Between x360a, school, real life, work, fraternity, and simply the college life... I didn't have the means to make everyone happy - so sadly, I was somewhat forced to resign in order to make certain people and groups happy.
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