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  1. Games always been like that. Games saving feature is screw up. It doesn't always record the info on the auto save, so it requires a forced auto save by exiting and starting a new season/post season to make that happen.
  2. Looking to boost rank wins with each character. Would do it using party chat trick. Please be able to use 360 party chat to make it smoother We will be alternating by characters not every match, so one person completes said character than next person gets theres. I am really looking to get this done today Sunday 2/23/14 so msg me anytime. This will also allow you to get the challenge for 5 consecutive matches won. This is what i have currently Sabrewolf : 8/20 Orchid : 7/20 Saidara : 3/20 Thunder : 3/20 Spinal: 1/20 Completed Glacius 20/20 Jago 20/20
  3. can someone help me with season trophies/promotion. I think I screw up with purchasing from the catelouge and cant get the wins/draws if someone be kind enough to gift me some wins I'd appreciate it, since i have only won one game online in like 10 matches, i could use the help. Thanks
  4. Madden 25 and I had to email Ea b/c they banned ultimate team account.
  5. Mlb 2k13 over 400 hours, one because I love baseball and 2 when I try for the myplayer achievements the HoF would not unlocked for me. Took 4 attempts
  6. Skyrim First game in long time I play through twice didn't even cared to look at the achievements. And even enjoyed it a 3rd time while completing the achievements I didn't get
  7. Hopefully I can contain myself and make fifa 14 my last current gen game besides the free games
  8. Hello and welcome , I agree that fun can sometimes get suck out of games by getting put in a game immature punk or obnoxious gamer
  9. Surface Rt actually love it more than my iPad just need 2apps to find its way over I won't use my iPad again
  10. Hopefully this means a better experience between the windows tablets and phones
  11. Anyone who's been boost have you received a synchronization error msg b4 getting booted
  12. If I enjoyed the game I don't mine paying for it monthly. For everyone crying that you have to buy live as well to play it then sry wine about the fact you have to pay for the internet use as well, or Netflix or Hulu on the Xbox and any other service you subscribe to. Though one thing I hope to see is that $15 a month fee shouldn't restrict us to one system I think if we have to pay the 15 a month we should have access to the pc version, ps4 version and the one version all included
  13. I actually would like to play this series with a coop partner so this I would like to see
  14. I wish I was better at shooters so I could enjoy them a bit more like others do
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