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  1. Oh sweet! Shame about the grind, but still worth the buy.
  2. Hey Pants! I was thinking about starting this one. Did you feel the controls were better? I only had issues on a few areas from the Win10 version.
  3. :francis: Form a team and join us for XBA's GSL Twist 2018! :francis:
  4. I've tried several guides regarding how to unlock the achievement, but the villagers simply won't hunt. I didn't use the steroid cheat either. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Also, someone suggested Photon Man, but all he does is lie in wait for an enemy. EDIT: Finally found a work around. Select villager then right click on Gazelle.
  5. I recall the one map with the snake having a spot I missed. I think I had to take a narrow passage. I looped the dungeons twice before the last section to make sure I had everything. Some things triggered from a simple drop. Others from a canister. On the last dungeon I literally map flipped per section to make sure my character made it to every spot.
  6. I started a new game (not NG+) in a different save slot and the new abilities added to the total abilities unlocked. Didn't notice any bonuses carried over regarding AP or XP.
  7. I just finished the game. Heads up for the Self Mastered achievement. It counts across different saves, so I was able to get the last 11 abilities with a new game. I got to the start of chapter 2 and had enough for all.
  8. I have been trying to do that, but I am just not having success. Either he gets eaten or shoved into a corner where I can't zoom out. Is there a way to stop fighting? Goodness this is frustrating. I'd like to just get it over with before moving forward, but I've tried a dozen times so far with little luck. EDIT: I got it! That was hella annoying. I made the mistake of constantly running instead of just moving out of the way when he attacked or threw up.
  9. For the high command achievement, is it different from the QTE? I don't seem to see her move when she is selected, but have killed the boss twice with the QTE. EDIT: Finally got it. It's not the QTE and had to try a few times prior to getting it. Pants, you weren't kidding about the Minty Fresh achievement. How do you stop attacking? He ends up putting me in a corner to where I can't see anywhere to go to.
  10. Have you started the game at all or are you unable to even do that?
  11. I'm not sure what the cause was, but I had this as well. I was using my Mifi, which is a tad old. I tried it at home on my cable and was able to download just fine. Same with using my work's guest account.
  12. blfire: It would have to be a Windows based Tablet (IE Surface Pro). That's what I'm playing it on. The Arachne's AOE attacks you have to dodge doesn't give you any leeway. I was outside of the red but still managed to get stunned. I couldn't seem to move fast enough.
  13. Awesome! Thank you so much, Pants. I am just starting the game and it's pretty fun.
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