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  1. Looking for the Human Defender complete set plus weapon. I don't want to keep them I literally just want the achievement. If you can lend me them for 15 seconds to pop it I will give them straight back.
  2. I have 2 xbox's, 2 gold accounts and 2 copies of the game. Looking for two other people who want to double box boost seriously. GT: Maliicious
  3. I think plenty of people used this road map quite effectively, myself included. If you think you can do a better job then by all means, devote all that time and effort and actually do it. The author of the road map explained everything quite well, it's not his fault people didn't heed his warnings about the key save points and ending achievements.
  4. Need two other people who want to give 'Seriously' a go toward the end of this month. You would need 2 xboxes, 2 copies of the game and 2 gold accounts. Only getting kills for 3 of us would realistically cut the time to get this achievement in half. Message me on xbox live mentioning seriously in gears 1 and I will add you. GT: Maliicious
  5. You guys still looking to do this? I will be able to double box this game as soon as my xbox one arrives at the end of august.
  6. Need 3 Online wins, North America only. Message on live. GT: Maliicious
  7. http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=196015 new session up, takes place in about a day now! Join up but only if you are serious! No fucking around!
  8. This may be a little delayed but yes you do the origin story with every character or whatever. As for level 20 you can either play the game 3 times each with a different class and level them up normally but if you want to level up quicky do the XP glitch at the beginning of the game (ostagar?) I have no idea what it is called, can't remember. I am sure it is in the achievement guide if it isn't its nothing a simple google search cannot solve. If it is patched just do the glitch offline.
  9. Yes it is entirely possible to do that. Get Alistair to become king and marry that woman and you'll be able to sacrifice yourself. I would suggest saving before the landsmeet though as it says in the achievement guide if you are going for the 4 endings achievement.
  10. I can give you advice, not sure how much I am going to remember but I will do my best
  11. Anyone who wants to do Playoff and Scramble blitz mode send me a message! GT: Maliicious Note: I own 4 controllers and will be willing to help you do the 3 fer achievement if you help me do at least 1 of the blitz modes!
  12. Forum seems pretty dead judging by the time differences between posts, but I was looking for some partners to do the playoff and scramble blitz modes, send me a message if interested! GT: Maliicious
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