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  1. I'm having a huge issue with trying to get this Flipper to respond properly to a Button Press. At the moment I got it working but it's not Rotating, just jumps 45degrees.. And I can't make heads nor tails of the "Hinge" thingy. Could someone please explain what I'm goofing up? Edit: oop! never mind. Finally figured it out =D it's not completely how I wanted it but it'll work =3 Thanks anyways guys ^_^
  2. thanks for the link! I'm so bookmarking that. Wished they gave us this info while updating. Hate guessing what's changed/fixed...
  3. I only have 2 gripes so far. That damned Chef... he heals so damned fast x.x'' took me a while to finally beat him (but I was also under leveled at the time too). And I've have items fall through the floor on me a ton... Was online with my friend and we was about to do the first challenge. I got hit before we started it and I dropped my Double Chainsaw Paddle thing and it clipped through the floor, vanishing. Oh I was pissed.
  4. Dono if this has been Asked/Answered, but what's the "Share" photo option? Like how does it work? Me and a friend couldn't figure it out. We got a few we'd like to show each other
  5. http://ktestudios.servegame.com/1up.png right after the first Lazer... uhm.. thingie you blow up and the 2nd Rapid Machine gun power up jump onto that platform. a Golden 1up Container will float in.
  6. Hey guys, just letting you know that if you think this is the same Section 8, prepare to have you mind melted. I'm doing the Closed beta and it's slick. I can't tell you anything else outside what I've already said but I highly recomend getting it.
  7. I set up challange 19 a bit different. Since the OP said Kula I went with that and made a script. goes: SP(1),N(29),S(LK,SP)(1),N(8),D(1),DF(1),F(1),D(1),Df(1),S(F+Lk+Sk)(1) Took some tweeking but finally got it.
  8. when I was playing as Sonic I thought it was Miles XD Still unusual for her being a sprite. Well, doing a sprite does save on file space >.>
  9. oh ok... I thought it was her.. Wonder why they put a Sprite of her doing that in here anyways... looked odd and just seamed like you had to find her...
  10. I personally hope Sega thinks about it's "Battle" aspect of SA2 and gives Online play to both it's original vs AND it's chao gardens. I LOVE Chao and I wanna do battle with my friends' chao... mwahahah..
  11. Is it just me or did I see something weird in the air right after Robotnik Steals the emeralds after the Casino on Sonic and/or Tails' mission??
  12. Hey there, I accidentally changed my gender on Fable 2, it's quite frustrating, hah Is there anyway you can help me? My Gamer Tag is Chanty Town.


    Looking forward to hearing from you

  13. Anyone know if this achieve is glitched or is there a mode where it's only available in? I just attempted it on Time trial (had like 54) and busted the monster but nothing unlicked!
  14. Our Gamestop (Murfreesboro, TN) sold us an opened box of Borderlands. It was Wends when I got it. They ran outa the Slips that gave the weapon code and got spares from the GS from the mall litterally down the road. I saw a few more people that was in line get it that way too, so I believed em.
  15. @KFZ Depends on your skills, weapons, and skill point usage. Just remember to use gernades a bunch, Phase Walk when you can, and pick off the lil piss ants before taking on the big guy... oh and lead his gernades. He always tries to throw in the area you're heading. I'm here to also report some other achieves people complained about not working in Split screen: Lil Blood on the Tires. Both me (P2) and my gf (p1) got the achieve. We swapped seats and went and got em. I still haven't missed a single one. I even got the 1.21 Giga and Explotions achieves on split screen.
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