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  1. Would someone be kind enough to email collectables. I'll gladly forward them along to others once I've received them! EDIT: Thanks TweetyNurse! Anyone that needs 100%, just message me and I'll help
  2. I haven't personally tried this. But from what I heard when you attempt to use an item and you have none remaining, you will be prompted if you want to purchase more. You do not buy it like normal DLC. You will get 10 of every item for the purchase.
  3. I'm not sure of any place they are listed. but honestly if you are going for all the awards, you'll find them anyway. Most levels you pretty much have to kill 80% or more of the monsters to get 5000 points, so you'll be clearing the entire map anyway at which point you'll find the codes. if you are wondering if you got them all from a level, on the level select screen, there are icons that highlight for every code available on that level. once they are all highlighted, you have them all.
  4. I just finished off the 250. Took me 8 days playing every night for a few hours a night. I'd say about 30 hours. If you aren't liking it in the first 5 minutes, don't bother. The game feels the same if you are level 1 or level 70 (max level).
  5. As you found out you do not need to fight them to finish the level. However if you want to get all the awards for the level, you will need to fight some of those level 50 monsters. Once I had finished the storyline and done all the other awards, I was level 57. Then I came back and the fight was fairly easy.
  6. I'm looking for the 6 player achievements. I have two controllers if needed.
  7. I did it on normal with Storm. But I didn't use mutant powers all the time because I wasn't having fun when I did (though I still used them alot, and that's all I used on boss fights). I timed it at about 23 minutes. I definitely could have gone faster, but I wanted to have fun too. Though, I will admit, its not a hard achievement.
  8. Actually, there is more than mashing B. It took me a few tries to beat it on commando. The trick is the left stick controls. No matter how fast you are pressing the B button, if you are not holding the left stick in the proper direction, your presses are not damaging the vulture. The final vulture on Commando you have pretty much zero time in order to move the left stick in the proper orientation. I don't know if the directions are randomized, but play through once and memorize the two directions of the final vulture (mine was up then right). Then before the indicator shows you the direction, go ahead and push the stick and start pressing the button. Once I did that instead of waiting for the indicator, I won my first try.
  9. I'm only up to level 3, so I can't say for later/harder levels. But so far its easy. I'm having fun with the game. I paid $15 and I think its worth it. The graphics are not stellar, but its fun swinging around on the grappling arm. for $4 you should just buy it. If you are worried about completion percentages on achievements, just play it on a dummy account for a bit to see if you like it first. Edit: Well I've just played through it twice and got all achievements. Despite everyone insulting the game, I thought it was fairly good. Its not great, but good. As for achievements, some of the collectibles are in really tricky spots to jump, and two challenges can be tricky (the kill 5 enemies with a death from above, and killing two enemies with the bulldog from 120 yards). At least those were my two hardest. The achievements are breezes, but I don't think they are overly hard. But you do need to get halfway decent at the game to get them. There aren't many shortcuts to make them pop.
  10. Well, I decided not to start a new hero after all. Its just alot easier to trade online. But what I did find out is that you cannot save right before getting a doll, then reload and get a different one if what you first got isn't what you want. I tried saving before I ever played the shooting gallery, then I played to see which doll I got, reloaded and retried. I did this three times and all three times I got the same doll. If it is random that is a 1 in 125 chance I got three of the same. Makes me think its not and its set in stone long before you try your first time. The same seems to be true of the ones you dig up in See the Future DLC.
  11. Looks like I get Hammer dolls from the gallery. I'm willing to trade them for any others (except Hero). EDIT: I've gotten my complete set now so I'm no longer in need of dolls. I'll still honor any trades I promised though.
  12. Not counting the generic hero, I am aware that you are only able to get 1 unique hero doll (3 if you have DLC) on a single play-through. However, if you start a new game file with a new hero, but on the same xbox live account, will that new hero have a chance at getting different dolls? I don't want to have to put in the few hours necessary to get to the first opportunity in finding a doll if someone already knows.
  13. I'm looking to boost Blue Ribbon. I know, someone looking to boost something other than Zombies or Prestige! Amazing isn't it? Anyway, I'd appreciate it if anyone would be willing to help.
  14. You definitely want to give everyone the best bow you have available. And it makes it easier because you have many more opportunities for team attacks. However the damage is much less than melee weapons. I found useful situations for both ranged and melee. And if you get really good at strategy with melee, you can win maps much faster. With heavy hitting enemies its best to stay away and shoot arrows, but enemy archers are much more effectively taken down with melee from characters with mobility buff. But overall, you are correct. Bows are much easier to use in this game and are good enough to use exclusively if you like.
  15. I understand your frustration, but the final battle isn't really harder, you just have to fight it much differently. Plus its looooong. I think it took me about 40 minutes to finish it off. But I was able to do it my first try. The key really is to keep your minions out of battle and position Tobias in a way that everything wants to attack him.
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