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  1. Is it worth getting the Sun Sword to +10 and going for 40 STR & DEX to get the most out of it? I've infused mine with lightning and it's at +7 at the moment, but I only have 28 STR & 23 DEX, but with 45 faith (40 technically though, as I have the ring of prayer equipped). I like the lighter weapons that don't take up too much endurance to use. I've been rocking a lightning mace +7 for the most part, and i've sometimes even dual wielded another that's the same and doing the heavy attack with the power stance - it's come in very handy for me.
  2. I'm just about to pick up the Curved Dragon Greatsword myself. What do you guys recommend regarding upgrades? Should I go for a straight +10 or go with an infuse (and which one?) Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys One more question while i'm in this thread then.. there are some hexes that use your souls when you cast them. Say if i'm using these hexes as a phantom (co-op, invading, arena etc.), will I get the souls back when I return to my world?
  4. Hey all. Just curious if anyone could explain to me how a bow benefits from being upgraded or infused, considering you can get different arrows and bolts. Like what would happen if I infused my bow with lightning when I was already using lightning arrows before? Would the lightning damage from the arrows stack onto the lightning damage from the bow or something? Thanks.
  5. Would have loved a shared stash item box so that I could transfer gear & items from one character to another. That's what I thought the item box at the bonfire was for, but it isn't. Is there any actual purpose to the item box?
  6. I have yet to try trading in DS2, but what do you mean? I know I can drop everything I have on my main other than spells. How does trading work in DS2 though? Can both hosts and spirits (invited players) drop and pick up items or something? And is it possible to invite someone straight into your world from your friends list etc. or do you have leave the host a summon sign for them to be able to summon you? I ask these questions as I have some gear on my main that I was hoping to transfer to some new characters by droping the stuff for my brother to pick up, and then have him drop the gear for the relevant characters.
  7. Here's a video covering all the plant variants that I made that you can include in your post if you wish OP. It also displays all the plant upgrades. I haven't unlocked all the zombie variants yet, but i'll be making a video on them too once I have. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVeGsBvL_eg](PVZ GW) All plant class variants - YouTube[/ame]
  8. I unlocked all the Plant abilities yesterday, and here's what they are for anyone interested.. Peashooter Sombrero Bean Bomb - Long fuse, high damage Retro Gatling - Higher damage, slow rate of fire Super Pea Jump - Able to jump higher, but not as fast as regular hyper Sunflower Rainbow Heal Beam - Heals faster than standard beam Solar Flare Beam - More damage than standard Sunbeam, but lower DPS and doesn't last as long Dark Flower - Instead of healing, the Dark Flower shoots red lasers at any zombies in it's sights (roughly 7 damage per hit) Chomper Super Sticky Goop - Gooped zombies are unable to move. Doesn't last as long as regular Goop and has longer cooldown time Sprint Burrow - Move faster than regular burrow but doesn't last as long Spiky Spikeweed - Deals more damage than standard Spikeweed to zombies that it ensnares, but only a few can be deployed Cactus Potato Nugget Mine - Not as damaging as standard mine and smaller radius, but you start with 5 and up to 6 can be planted at the same time. Artichoke Drone - More health (20 health) than standard Drone, but deals less damage and the Corn Strike only drops one corn, but it can be used instantly Iron Maiden - Large singular tallnuts that have twice as much health as standard tallnuts. Multiple Iron Maidens can be placed however.
  9. Well, it is the most important part of the concept after all. ..And thank you
  10. I submitted my concept. I call it the Ye' Old Six Pea Shooter.. (forgive the terrible drawing, it is a concept after all though) A close quarters Peashooter that can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger (hammer), and to emphasise this role, the zoom ability on the left trigger is replaced by the ability to fire - so you can alternate between both triggers to fire and have a rootin' tootin' good time while doing it. Same sized projectiles as the agent pea, and no splash damage. Every time you shoot and reload it makes the relevant sound to a western six shooter for cosmetic appeal. This peashooter has a slow reload though as each individual pea chamber needs to be loaded, but like a shotgun in any other game, you can shoot while reloading to stop the animation, though you'll only have the amount of peas that you loaded into the chamber.
  11. The Garden Variety DLC lands tomorrow for Xbox One & Xbox 360 for the bargain price of free. Anyone who enjoys the Obliteration game mode in Battlefield 4 will love the new game mode as it's essentially the same thing. Enjoy! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMwT7pWNCAc]Garden Warfare: Garden Variety Pack Preview - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Like I said before, they'll most likely be unlocked via sticker packs. Like how when Mass Effect 3 had multiplayer DLC like new classes, you had to unlock them from the in-game store with your currency after downloading.
  13. An interesting thing to note about that picture is that there is only one (armored) tall nut. Maybe these abilities aren't just cosmetic after all? Like perhaps they actually come with their own unique features such as for the armored tall nut, you might only be able to plant one (but you could plant it four times to make a wall), but it has twice as much health as a standard tall nut. The more I look at it though, the more I think it could just be the angle of the tall nut, rather than there being only one. I'm also curious if these abilities would be available to all class variants too, or only certain ones. Say for example we get a lighting sun beam (sunflower ability), it would look rather weird coming from a fire sunflower.
  14. I'm sure they'll most likely just make it so that you can change the cosmetic appearance of your abilities. I saw someone on twitter yesterday post a picture of a chilli bean wearing a sombrero.
  15. He's the social marketing manager for Xbox, basically the British (Scottish) version of Major Nelson.
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