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  1. where does this one need to be done? is it in online quests or in online battles of 2v2 & 3v3? also, what button do you need to press to perform a revival?
  2. as far as i can tell its just sort of dumb luck. i got this is nhl 15 after my third or fourth game played. for whatever reason though, im still yet to unlock it in 14. does anyone have a few tips or pointers for me? i got it in 15 by sniping from one of the puck drop circles. ive tried countless times to recreate that in this one, but without any success.
  3. after the starter pack and the first wave of bowl games, ive hit a bump. it seems like the only way to get the hoarder and the 3.0 achievements is to go through and win the ut championship a handful of times & hope that youll get lucky enough to get a bunch of gold mascots and gold players at your team's weaker positions. im trying to find an interested person to boost the title with, so we can both get ourselves 5-10 packs to open and hopefully get enough decent cards in to get these achievements. if anyone is interested in doing this with me, let me know.
  4. i have a full roster currently (55 guys). many of them have expired contracts. i have a bunch of guys sitting in my reserves collection with games and that at some positions, are actually way better than the guys on my roster. i know how to choose the reserve player i want to add to my roster, but every time i try i get a message saying that "performing this action will put you over the active player item limit. you must reduce your active player items before more items can be sent to current roster". im then given an option to go to my roster or stay on the reserves page. whenever i do go to the roster page ill skip through the players and select the ones with expired deals that i want to throw in my reserves pile, but everytime i try to remove them i get a message saying that "moving this item leave your current roster below acceptable item type minimums". i get that message if i try moving a player to the auction block or try quick selling them, too. how do i swap a reserve player for a player on my current roster? why is this so difficult? could it be because of the expired contract players somehow?
  5. Trying to get these done on 3-12 & 3-13. 3-12 session is for the seasonal achievements: http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=503090 3-13 session is for the playoff achievement: http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=503094 Please join them if you're on ta, or message me on xbl if you're interested in joining.
  6. is anyone interested in working on the "can't stop eating" achievement?
  7. i'm looking for 4 or 5 people thatd be interested in boosting the "youre the best" hut achievement. we'll need this many people to avoid league demotions while we get the achievement for one person at a time. i dont check my messages on here too often, so if youre interested, message me on xbox live and let me know where youre from in the message.
  8. http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=495339
  9. I know that there's probably not a lot of people still playing this. I was wandering if anyone was feeling super generous and wouldn't mind trading me some of their mut cards so I could get the last few achievements I have left done with. I'll immediately trade you your cards back, I just want to unlock the two team chemistry, overall team scores, and the collection achievements. I'll pay back any help in any way I can.
  10. I'm trying to find a group of people that have this game and are interested in getting the eashl champion achievement. If you're interested, just message me on xbox.
  11. i just rented this game today and i'm looking to boost the hut stuff. i haven't played any games yet in that mode, so if you're interested in joining me, you'll need to be in the bottom division too. i only have the game until 2-7.
  12. you're right! i must've missed it the first time i went back to all the shops to buy everything. thanks.
  13. the shoplifters / drunk guy ones will only be available during the daytime. i just got my last one after reading someone's post on a youtube guide video and trying it out. for whatever reason those ones cant be done in the evening or night.
  14. im sure this question or very similar ones has been asked on here before, but after scrolling through the first handful of pages didnt see it. ive already unlocked everything in the game and beat the story. im not sure what unlocked the awareness bands, but for some reason the only clothing item that im missing is the fourth awareness band listed in the stats list of possessions. does anyone know if theres a way i can still unlock/find it?
  15. Trying to get the 4 vs 4 team achievement done. I created a session for it here- http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=486884 Please join if you still need that achievement.
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