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  1. My gamer tag is Treguard82, any free items to help me get started would be gratefully appreciated :-)
  2. Very good guide thanks. Nice anf easy to follow :-)
  3. Running around the large staircase and telling your team mates to cover you seemed to work well for me. Just make sure he doesn't have a straight run at you as well
  4. Tried this as well and it works very well. Thanks for the tip
  5. Decided to get it as it was only 600msp. Won't get chance to get back to Deus ex ATM, but thought it was worth picking up whilst it was on offer!
  6. I let Shaundi die as the devs changed the character too much. She was best left to die nd remembered how she was in SR2 for me.
  7. Just about pick the goty edition up from Zavvi for £12.99. Bargain
  8. Thanks for the tips. Really shitty game mechanic if you ask me. Mind you, a kit of Asian made games have odd controller schemes don't they? Just take deadly premonition for example. Well after getting crunched when nearly makingit; manage to just get to the lift/elevator. Woohoo My tip is to have a smoke, then basically concentrate 70% on your head and arms making sure you are straight. The remaining 30% should be on the RT/LT pattern. With that you should have plenty of time to spare at the end.
  9. Enjoyed it, but just miffed that it froze 4 times on me so I wasn't able to fi ish the game
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