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  1. Cant hurt to at least try, and those games are good enough to the point where I would want this to happen.
  2. If any of you want to reexperience the joy of Ace Combat 4, 5, or Zero, please go an sign this petition. http://www.change.org/petitions/namco-bandai-ace-combat-hd-collection
  3. If any of you want to experience the joy of Ace Combat 4, 5, or Zero again, please sign this petition. http://www.change.org/petitions/namco-bandai-ace-combat-hd-collection
  4. Me and a friend are looking to boost for the online achievements top scorer, flawless, and marksman. Let me know if you would be willing to boost for these.
  5. Hey man, you could use the save that I posted in one of the forums, as it contains several terminator armor sets, and gives you a ton of wargear.
  6. I feel that there are some races the would play similarly (i.e. Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines) But what they should do is allow you to choose if you spawn as a certain unit For Space Marines 1. Scout Marine with either Combat Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, or Bolter 2. Tactical Marine with Flamethrower, Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher or Bolter 3. Devestator Marine either Heavy Bolter, Lascannon, or Plasma Cannon 4. Assault Marine with Chainsword and Bolt Pistol (Jump Packs included) 5. (Elite Unit) Terminator with Then possibly vehicles (if this was on a large scale, like 64 v 64), For Orks 1. Slugga Boyz with Slugga and Choppa 2. Shoota Boyz with Shoota, Flamethrower or Big Shoota 3. Stormboyz with Choppa 4. Tankbustas with Rokkit Launchers 5. (Elite Unit) Nob with either Big Choppa or 'Uge Hammers For Eldar 1. Guardians 2. Howling Banshees 3. Rangers 4. Warp Spider Squad 5. Shuriken Cannon/Brightlance/D-Cannon Weapon Team 6. (Elite Unit) Wraithguard For Tyranids 1. Hormagaunt Brood 2. Termagaunt Brood 3. Warrior Brood 4. Venom Brood 5. Genestealer Brood 6. (Elite Unit) Lictor For Chaos Space Marines 1. Heretic 2. Chaos Space Marine 3. Chaos Havoc 4. Plague Marine 5. Raptor 6. (Elite Unit) Obliterator For Imperial Guard 1. Imperial Guardsman 2. Stormtroopers 3. Kasrkin 4. Ratlings 5. Ogryn For Tau/Kroot/Vespid 1. XV15 Stealthman 2. Kroot Carnivores 3. Vespid Stingwing 4. Fire Warrior 5. Kroot Shaper 6. (Elite Unit) XV8 Crisis Battlesuit For Necrons 1. Necron Warrior 2. Wraith 3. Immortals 4. Flayed One 5. (Elite Unit) Pariah For Sisters of Battle 1. Missionary 2. Battle Sister 3. Seraphim 4. Death-Cult Assassin 5. Celestian 6. (Elite Unit) Sister Repentia
  7. I dont know if it mentions this in the thread, but if you want achievements, disable -dev mode after completeing the first mission (thus allowing you to keep all of the wargear that it enables).
  8. For many of us, Primarch difficulty is simple a nuicance because of the sheer lack of abilities/wargear/armor that would be useful for many of the earlier missions, as well as the later ones. Well, fear no more, as we have this at our disposal: http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?252758-DOW2-amp-CR-2.5.0-Campaign-wargear-unlockers-v1.01 Basically, it gives you a lot of Wargear, equipment, armor, etc... that will make your life a lot easier of Primarch Difficulty. Edit: Disable -dev mode after the first mission to enable achievements
  9. Shishkabob - use the Viking spear against either Apache or Ninja right at the start of the fight. Black Knight - Pirate Grenado dismembers all limbs and decapitates him if you can get it close.
  10. I am having trouble with the challenge where you have basically no health and each hit dismemebers you. I was able to complete it with the Centurion and the Ninja, but do you guys have any tips to get that done?
  11. This mission harkens back to a time when this would actually happen in real life, and so the scare that this could happen to you was very realistic. Now imagine yourself as one of those civilians. 5 men armed to the teeth with M240's and M4A1's come out of an elevator, and start shooting the crap out of you. Yes, I know it is only a game, but what happened in this mission happened several tiems in real life. (Munich Olympics in 1972 for example) Then again, most news reporters are so old that they were in their late teens/early twenties when this was going on.
  12. If you really want the credits achievement, and have not finished the game, you can watch the credits from the main menu and adding 60 GS to your profile.
  13. Say for example I get 100% on Jailbreak for the Guitar solo, and then flnuk out later in the song. Would I still get the achievement or would I have to do it again? Please reply as soon as possible.
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