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  1. I'm not stalking you don't worry...

    *Shifty Eyes*

    I swear! :D

  2. I actually lost interest in the site for a while, around the same when a sudden influx of new members arrived, and some older members fell off the radar. I couldn't hack the horrible, boring threads, so I just packed it in.


    I've started to get back into though, recently. I don't seem to be a dick on the forums as much as I used to either. :p


    I apologise for the life story. ;)

  3. caught you creeping, though i'd pop over and say hai ;D

  4. caught you creeping, though i'd say haai ;D

  5. oh haai der, long time no speak <3

  6. never realised you had a partnership, nice <3

  7. Lil Wayne - 6 Foot 7 Foot: life is a bitch, death is her sister, sleep is their cousin, what a fucking family picture
  8. Some kid sent me harrasing messages for over 2 weeks, every day, then I retaliated and sent him 'Eat shit and die of aids' and got banned in a few hours, MS aren't reliable.
  9. I'm excited about having the day off, what excites me more is the fact she could get cold feet, live on tv.
  10. i look EXTREMLY young here ! http://i56.tinypic.com/1220qpf.jpg
  11. I say Zed, like the majority of people in the UK.
  12. Big Brother is a guilty pleasure :/ However, it hasn't been as good since you had to interview to get on it, now the false people get on it, they should pick people how they did in the first few seasons, randomly selecting names from the yellow pages.
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