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  1. I actually try to enjoy the game rather than beat it and never play it again. Why won't you find all the audio logs or find some secret glitches or something. And if you think it's that big of a rip off sell it or something. No one cares about you beating the game in 2 hours.
  2. Doesn't Shadow Complex have awards?
  3. I'd have to say Madden 10. The achievements are ridiculous.
  4. The text is just too big for such a small image size, anyway took dots off the other one


  5. Thanks man. Is it ok if you make me another one. But make it pink and make it say Team ManPanties. Try not to put squares in the BG thanks. Try and find the same text to, if not then it's ok. ^_^

  6. There is a request thread in the media forum, plz use that.

  7. Hey man can ya make me a sig?

  8. Hey man can you make me a sig?

  9. Like this. Just change it to Cyrax and can you make it blue instead of red please. Thanks.http://www.renegadegaming.com/forum/images/awards/leaders/rgc/fv/dstar.png

  10. A small simple what now?

  11. Hey man is it ok if I ask you for a small simple ribbon?

  12. You definitely need to sign in with another account. Just got it when I switched accounts.
  13. Anyone willing to help me beat Campaign? I'm on the last mission.
  14. I just played Social Slayer the other day and got a Spartan Laser, this guy would not stop trying to kill me. So I just give him the Spartan Laser and he dies. I pick it up he tries to kill me. I let him betray about twice and I boot his ass.
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