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  1. I have Dark Souls and having problems already.. I completed DMC3 on every difficulty too, I just don't get how its made out to be that hard.. I never really did play the Special Edition.. Dark Souls isn't the same as a hack and slash though.. so to each their own I guess. Oh and Mortal Kombat is a bitch once you get up to Goro.. >.< and I was referring to the games as in not using glitches etc, just playing them through normally.. and ones that I think were harder than DMC3.
  2. No, there is much harder games, I don't even know how DMC3 the original version was unplayable as I got it and completed it easily, like within a day. Revenge of Shinobi Ninja Gaiden (all of them, except the PS3 editions) Demon/Dark Souls Original Mortal Kombats Those are the hardest games imo, and probably Ghosts and Goblins (the game with Arthur), but I have never played that, just heard its suppose to be insanely hard, as with Contra, never played, just know it's hard.
  3. First and Second one are my favorites, I do not know why the second one gets the hate it does.. is it because of the random mess of a last boss? as that's the only bit that frustrated me lol First one would be the best to me, it introduces Dante, technically though, DMC3 is the first in timeline, but they treat it like you know who Dante is, I thought the first one had a nice Resident Evil theme to it, it was originally meant to be Resident Evil 4, so that's maybe why.
  4. Or it might tell you to put in disc 2 when you go to play DMC3 or something.. I hardly see all these games fitting onto one disc, MGS HD collection is 2 discs. If shopto.net keeps it the price it is now, it's looking likely I'll get this on release day Loved both DMC and DMC2, DMC3 was okay as well. All I care about, is that this isn't like one of those Arcade discs where you can install the disc, but as soon as you go to play the games, it plays like you haven't installed it. Also, SFIII Online Edition had a Vault, you mainly unlocked art and character's endings in there, maybe you can opt to unlock Trish early in this vault, I would like Gamerpics too, free ones are even nice, but you know what's even better? Avatar Awards But that is still wishful thinking.
  5. Jeez, I have an iMac and I cannot imagine doing anything else than lifting it out of it's box and putting it on the desk, let alone take it to a cafe, seems like people are in it for the free internet, especially that guy on the Xbox, cool idea for them, saving money like that, but it would be a nightmare to carry that stuff, sometimes better off paying for internet and wifi at home. Edit: that is an old Xbox and doesn't have wifi in it, he also don't have the wifi attachment.. why would anyone go all the way to a cafe with their Xbox and a TV and not have the wifi function? doesn't make a bit of sense to me.
  6. Nokia (never again..) Sony Ericsson (again, after I uprgade, never again) I plan to at some point upgrade to a HTC Pro with Windows.
  7. I dunno.. I like the standard cover better, but the LE cover is definitely original.
  8. I will still get it no matter this being true or not, it's just when I complete games, I won't get any money back from them as no where will allow trade-ins of these. I think this is all just a big rumor, does no-one remember this? That whilst PS3 was in development, this rumor also came up (or it might have not been a rumor, anyways they went back on that decision), that PS3 would not use used games, I'm pretty sure I read about this in a magazine (not official) so it will be the same for any console, MS is a smart company, especially with money, they should know if they do this, people will opt not to buy the new Xbox, there will be those select few it won't bother who always buy new, but it also effects us, I would trade in a game if I don't see myself ever wanting to play it again. So far, MS hasn't even announced they are making a new console, we know they will someday, I say we wait until this is more of an official announcement, then complain.
  9. I'll be willing to pay £299.99.. I have paid more.. can't remember the PS3 launch price. But the Harddrive must be something like 320GB or no deal.
  10. I would, to remove Infinite Undiscovery off my list, I have to go back to it and I don't want too But it depends on the price, if its too expensive, then no, if its too cheap, everyone will be 100% then. Also, its bad enough already M$ charges 800MSP to change gamertag eg. text, I think if they charged for deleting a game you hated so much that you can't bring yourself to come back to it, it would be more worth it. I don't agree in the deleting games for free though.. what I think would be good, if there was a customer service thing where you are limited to delete 3 bad games off your list and nothing more than that, that means it doesn't get crazy and if someone hacked you to annoy you, they would only be able to delete 3 games, so in a way this paid thing is also bad, it will just be like Fifa, if you have a credit card on there they will get a lot of MSP and basically delete your entire list of games.
  11. I always thought Treasure Hunter was a lot faster to do before you completed those circle of marks, since you still had the 2 adamantoise to farm, rather than just having one in Eden and doing save/quit everytime you killed it.. The way I did it as I knew the Adamantoise would be replaced was left the circle of marks alone until I did Treasure Hunter, kill both of them, then get on the chocobo, pick up whatever was on my path, go to the teleport mark where the wolf and behemoth were fighting, teleport back to central, they would have both spawned again, and I did 10 per run, as I found that was the more gauranteed way for me to get 35% of drops for Platinums.
  12. That's an offense to me D: I'm a girl and collect stuff, seriously if there ever was a girl that stupid, I would punch them in the face for not knowing about Pokemon in their lives. And I'm not single.. haha! (okay thats just mean..) I must post up my entire Pokemon collection at some point.. I might take pics now. >_> http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/picture.php?albumid=2402&pictureid=13587 This is more gaming related.. but its an anime style. http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/4108/dsc01166lm.jpg Such a poor fate for Togepi.. http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/3848/dsc01210xt.jpg Posters. http://img849.imageshack.us/img849/5274/dsc01216j.jpg Sonic figures http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/picture.php?albumid=2381&pictureid=13516
  13. Video cassettes? You must be over 100 years old Kidding, I still have some too.. just no video player to play them in.. I don't even buy DVDs anymore.. Have you managed to watch all of those? there must be like a lifetime supply of anime there.
  14. So its just the same as any Games Development course? I been on one, but it was pretty good, I could go on into Uni if I wanted to, I'm also qualified to be a Games Tester, I guess this is just a gateway thing like my course was too? The Train2game thing made me thought they actually hired people to teach people how to play games :S it needs a name change if that's what it's for. Edit: Looked.. yea mines was a lot better, seems you only get one thing here, and if what people say is true, its shady, then don't apply, see if your local college has any.. my course was National Diploma and only cost me £20 a year, and it was in a college, not online, I feel like you wouldn't get as much as support as you would in an online course, than what you would get in a course you travel too, also, half of what they claim qualifies you is shit, maybe a Games Tester, but those other things need degrees.. so if you're interested, best bet is a local college or Uni, you will need all the extra help as Games Development courses aren't easy, especially 3D and programming.
  15. @Infection ftw, that looks like the same Tekken arcade stick I have You have a nice collection of Pokemon cards, you're the first person I seen who likes the Unown cards. @TacticalElusion I buy Booster Boxes, you're technically getting at least some of the Ultra Rare ones, and it's cheaper to buy them that way, £3.99 for a pack isn't cheap, when you get booster box, you're saving maybe £2 per pack? and you're getting better odds, there's this guy on YouTube that has worked out exactly where LV. X, Primes, Legends, etc are in booster boxes, he knows which packs they're in.. I don't know how he tells that now.. he also opens them and what you know, he got a LV.X, you can get very lucky with Booster boxes and complete the whole set with just one, but with the more rare cards, its harder too, the new Black and White set is going to have EX cards, plus full art EX cards, its gonna be a nightmare to complete.
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