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  1. well one of the achievements popped along with challenge don't know when but I checked my achievements this morning and they were there. also the 4 ghosts achievements popped over night aswell, m$ need to sort this shit out as achievements are one of the most important things for us guys. Hopefully the achievements have/will pop for the rest of you guys
  2. I`m having problems with the achievements not unlocking on the free Sorcerors lair table, im getting the spinning medal for the achievement ( or that's what use to happen on the 360) but no achievement popping. I know there was a service alert for both the XBO and 360 relating to viewing and unlocking achievements. But as far as I know its for the dlc achievements. Also the challenge isn't unlocking either ive played numerous games on 3 tables and yet nothing It could also be a typical xb1 glitch as I know I filled the dritea for 4 achievements on ghosts earlier and they didn't pop either
  3. A Familiar Ring 10 Earn a gold medal on Nurburgring GP, Nordschleife, and Nordschleife + GP circuits. This is easy; just go to Free Play, select any of the 3 tracks that came with yesterdays update. Put the number of laps to 1, amount of drivatars as you like and adjust the difficulty of the drivatars as you like. Start the race, finish it (regardless if you post a clean or dirty lap). you need to do all 3 variants of nurburgring not any as you have mentioned, it states that in the achievement description
  4. it looks like i`ll have to purchase another tv or nick the wifes when she`s not looking sadly theres no video input of any description thanks to those that took the time to read the original post thread can be locked down
  5. I have two xbox 360`s (pal and ntsc/u) and only one available tv in the same room. Is it possible to connect either to a all in one pc ? (one of them that just looks like a monitor , but has everthing built in to it) its a pacard bell model `onetwo l58s1` reason for asking is so i can multiplayer boost on my own without involving others, and to play 4 players with my mate who has the luxury of 2 tv`s in the same room thanks in advance for any help
  6. hahaha must have been the same pro tips the USA have been using in the Ryder CUP 7 out of the last 9 tournaments lol
  7. play as Scott Ratchman during a night round on any course but Augusta. play now , practice round cheeve will pop before first shot
  8. finally got around to trying it again - a month after it boiled my piss (from a new save) followed the 7 vids to the letter and bingo it popped... cheers.. off to trade it in now lol
  9. no its local multiplayer when you load up the game select the play optoion, press start on the second controller and sign it in (doesnt have to be a live account), then select track (press y to modify the race to whatever you feel comfortable with), then race. remember if you are loosing and want to keep your streak pause restart, you can also just retry event when you`ve won , just to save time going back to the menu and repeating the process
  10. haven`t done it myself yet, but a friend has, you need to win 6 local multiplayer races in arow, apparently if you are about to loose one you can pause and restart and if you then win it continues the streak hope this helps
  11. thanks same video(s) that i did the last run thru on, albeit not from scratch some of my gates were totaled completly, not got a clue which didnt register, that`ll teach me to go guns blazing on launch day thinking that a ea game would be glitch free LOL
  12. well done ... now i have to do a 4th run for the security gates (if i can be bothered) might leave it a week or so till ive calmed down
  13. got it needed to look from further back , you can go under the walkway. so simple, just looking to hard
  14. no its not that one , if you get chance to look if you jump to the pagini huayra on the platform and look behind you its that one, looked on loads of maps and its on them all. everytime i load up the game and look at map some of the ones at the airfield have disappeared, but when i drive up there and jump thru any billboard they all come back again... this game is seriously starting to boil my piss... seems like i have the 134/135 security game problem, done it 3 times now.. now this arrrghhh t.i.a for any help / suggestions.. wont be on anymore tonight will be around most of the day tomorrow
  15. has any one got a clue how to get the billboard in downtown - whalen street ? - its the one behind the jackspot for the porsche911 carrera s - its directly below a drop and across from a hanging platform with the jackspot for the pagini huayra been trying for a hour or so with different vehicles any help would be appreciated
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