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  1. Will give it a try now and get back to you's
  2. Just finished all the missions on veteran and the achievement did not pop up for completing the campaign on veteran. How do I fix this?
  3. looking to boost as well please, i have 4 controllers and i'll be on most of the day and night. Send me a friend request and i'll get back to ya whenever i can. You must have a mic and 4 controllers for a full party. Cheers GT: Layne895
  4. yea same with me, I noticed my gears of war 3 icon changed itself from that awesome looking skull to an ugly mug of Marcus's head. I also noticed guitar hero warriors of rock changing itself from WOR with a red background to the logo that looks like guitar hero 5's icon. Does anyone know how to swap game icons on achievements list back to their original logos or icons??
  5. if the servers are up, who wants to boost for some achievements?? Gamertag: Layne895
  6. can someone please help me out with the 10 wins achievement so I can even out my gamerscore again anyone plz?? Gamertag: Layne895
  7. i'm up for boosting ranked achievements, my gamertag is: Layne895
  8. for those living in the US, you'se might wanna check out eBay if you plan to get this game. 'Cause it's hella fun!!
  9. sucks to try to obtain these achievements now
  10. @Murphy1978 the same thing happened to me :/
  11. my personal favorite weapons are the Stoner63 and Einfield
  12. does anyone know if the online servers work in Australia?
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