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  1. Thanks Glad my stuff still helps people 3-4 yrs later!
  2. Nuke eject is a core upgrade you get from upgrading the Titan as far as I could tell when I played last night. As far as the Titans go, full customization is almost always best, so I do agree in that department, but I think most of the prebuilt Titans are pretty awesome. But in the end, I'm ok with playing a thermite spitting metal behemoth...or a walking tank with a homing gatling gun... any day of the week.
  3. Am I nuts in feeling the kickback from the shotgun actually slows you down if you shoot more than once, and sometimes even if you only shoot once? I lost count of how many times my speed would immediately be cut in half after using the shotgun, yet I did not have that issue once with any automatic rifles or the grenades. The shotgun is still the best option though short of one swap I did to an SMG to take out the guy at the very end.. just couldn't miss and had to pray to the recoil gods.
  4. Nice work man. Gotta say, as basic as this achievement list is, I absolutely love this game..... even if I did spend about the same amount of time doing the stupid time trial as I did clearing the game on Master difficulty. Overall I finished the game over the course of a day : | People need to buy this game so we can have a sequel..
  5. Happy it's still helping people Over 120k views now. woot!
  6. Gackt sounds like what I do when I think of you :sick::sick::sick::sick: lol


    DS3 physical collectors edition or DS3 digital collectors w/ Dark souls 1 !?!?!?! Reply on xbl cause I probably won't be back here for another year. Bye!


    p.s. I'm flattered you kept me on your friends list, as it looks like you purged it yet again. For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my battle-brother eternal.

  7. http://www.businessinsider.com/batman-v-superman-trailer-leaks-online-2015-4 Check out the trailer before it's gone..not gonna lie, it actually looks pretty cool. With all the hype over batmans old school suit I wasn't expecting his heavy armor to make an appearance.
  8. Well having someone to play with would help the shield actually being USEFUL would help yoo
  9. Got my rep 4s done by doing hot wire with a rep boost. use stunt driver and cruise around in either the van or sedan to get spawn points and assists points for kills and hopefully at least one person who will repair while you cruise around. The cruising coins give big rep boosts as well.
  10. Yep.. getting the achievement with the broken shield is going to be the difficult part. It can block an rpg, but not a baseball bat, and all hits only count as 1, whether it's a pistol or a shotgun .
  11. Which combo is that? The renegades as a hunter? The dragonborn as a warrior looks like a really good combo, but that's $100.
  12. Well the mp isn't amazing, but it's better than the last 4 or 5 cod games, but none of the bf games that I remember playing. I prefer the sp of both bf4 and codaw (maybe bf3? Don't really remember that) to hardline though as they completely threw the cop concept out the window And it ended up just being a less interesting action fest that was waaay too similar to bf4 (To keep it spoiler free - similar plot points). So honestly, I would wait unless you're one of the people who really needs a new fps,as I was in that boat and I don't really regret my purchase. The dlc still sounds intriguing. I had a much longer review written but that turned out to be a bit long winded
  13. It's seriously fucked up that what is by far the best gun in the game (acwr)....is a dlc gun. Although I guess it's not saying a whole lot when most of the weapons are crap, especially if you aren't an operator P.s I just got shot through yet another wall because my feet or ass were showing.
  14. Took me around 50 minutes per mission on average with collectibles and warrants, and arresting as many ppl as I could on veteran. So ya it's about the genre norm, although honestly I feel like it dragged on in the last few missions.
  15. I got mine just fine. Might be a delay from everyone else getting theirs?
  16. and of course the episode is cutscene central >.< happy it's not just me though.
  17. Glad to see you got these up for launch..of course I apparently still can't play past episode 1 :/
  18. Lmfao i googled that maks..good shit. Where are they located in game? I did realize after my post that premium wasn't completely activated yet seeing as the game isn't out yet, but I was still hoping to check the masks out.
  19. I keep hearing about masks.. am I blind or are they not in the game yet? I don't see anything on battlelog either, and yet I keep seeing people say that they are really expensive.
  20. I found it to be a very nice change of pace from normal shoot-em-ups. Of course you could go that route, if you want to, but there aren't nearly enough games where you play a cop who follows the rules (for the most part, and judging by the prologue that might change?). I definitely got a nice feeling in my tummy after arresting a building full of armed criminals without anyone getting shot with anything beyond a tazer to the balls.
  21. I guess Heist does have that one side push while the other defends mechanic, but I always liked how Rush could evolve as the game progresses and you enter new areas of the map. Hopefully Robbery will mix heist and blood money into that overall evolving map. It would be cool if one side had to defend two high value stockpiles of jewels or money while the other had to either steal or recover them (depending on cops or criminals). The attackers have capture points they need to return the jewels/money to, but their runners can be intercepted and the stuff they were carrying can be returned to the stockpile like a mini capture the flag mechanic. Probably nowhere near how it would play it, but I think something like that would be pretty fun
  22. Shiftie

    Alpha Invite

    I'm hoping the same.. even asked if that was the case on the alpha forums but never got a response As for the cost of the god pack, it would be silly charging more on console if people can just buy the pack on pc then transfer that account over to console. They also have frequent deals and discounts, like last weekend they were giving out 1500 gems to people who gifted the gods pack to their friends. For the most part, skins and chests are where they make their money, but even then, most skins go on sale a lot as well.
  23. I don't know, Amazon is a whole dollar cheaper than digital right now. Decisions decisions... I am kind of curious how many games I can get on my cod advanced warfare console hdd though.
  24. Shiftie


    Lmao.. that would sum up what I've seen of it. Hopefully they didn't put it out this week to compete with Hotline 2 (and of ALL the low-def games that have come to this gen of consoles, why haven't the Hotline games!?). and the xba review is up on the main page now.
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