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  1. The sheer number of empty spaces on the Normandy and the vastly reduced original line-up both suggest that adding more squadmates was at least the intention in the beginning, but at this point I would imagine that the plan has been abandoned. To be honest, the single-player campaign is irreparably broken and they know it, so why make any more effort than to squeeze a few extra bucks out of a couple of additional missions. They seem to be focusing their efforts on improving the MP, which is still extremely enjoyable, and since they can't fix the SP mess I'm glad they've gone that route.
  2. Not really a new idea, just an old one I think they could make more of. For failing a challenge a while back we got banshees thrown in at random regardless of the enemy faction chosen, and another time there were extra brutes in the reaper faction. It wouldn't take much to flesh that out into something like the Mutations in Left 4 Dead 2. I agree that it would be nice to see other enemy factions like the collectors or the Blue Suns or something, but that would probably end up breaking the lore, and there's no way Bioware would ever do that to the ME3 multiplayer...........................................
  3. Reminded me of one of my current Kindle screensavers: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/082/2/a/Mass_Effect_Shepard__s_Present_by_ghostfire.png
  4. Don't medi-gel it, I'll revive.
  5. You don't have to. If you do, there are rewards. I don't see anything wrong with that. I would see something wrong if you had to pay, and couldn't get them through normal gameplay, but you can.
  6. To me this whole "the UR drop rate needs to be raised" nonsense is like people asking for Gold or Platinum to be made easier "so that everybody has the chance to do it". Fact is if they bumped up the drop rate in a few months people would be complaining that there were no more weapons left to unlock. I may want to play the ME3 multiplayer for a while yet, and it's good that there will be things I still need to unlock or max out for the foreseeable future.
  7. The pack system does promote micro-transactions, but it certainly doesn't require you to make them. I haven't spent any MSP whatsoever on packs and since launch I've managed to max out everything except the ultra-rares and the new gears. While you may be frustrated by your bad luck, to come out and say things like "not paying MSP to get packs makes your UR drop rate lower" is just silly. The chances of an ultra-rare drop are what they are regardless of how you obtain your pack. TBH it's all in the name; they're ultra-rare drops. That means that their appearance in a pack is ultra rare. Just like common drops are common, rare drops are rare, etc. Nobody is saying you have to put years into it, but those people that are going to play for a year or two years or whatever deserve to have a game with enough unlockables for that amount of time. If you want to just burn through the game quickly and unlock everything, well then sorry, you can't, but you do have more than enough weapons and kit to have fun until you quit. It isn't the best one out of the three, but it is the only one with multiplayer... Again, it isn't about forcing you to play for a year or two in order to unlock everything, it's about providing a year or two's worth of unlockables for people that will keep playing for that long. COD is a far cry from ME3, thank God. Mercifully most of the COD scrubs that turn up on ME3 expecting their next MP messiah become frustrated and leave fairly quickly due to "shitty game design" such as sharing xp or having to work as a team.
  8. So since release you've only wanted one weapon and you still don't have it? That's bad luck, but there is more than one useful weapon. I was addressing your original complaint that you need ultra-rares if you want "usable kit" when in fact there are plenty of viable weapons and character setups. As for drop rates, I certainly can tell you it's the same for everyone, because it is. Or are you suggesting that Bioware is targeting you personally and manipulating your drop rates? Your luck may have been bad up to now, while someone else's may have been good, but everyone has the same chances at drops when purchasing packs. It probably seems like more of a con to you since you've spent actual money on packs, and I would suggest just playing the game to get packs, but I'm grateful that there are people out there that continue to spend MSP as that is what keeps my free multiplayer DLC coming.
  9. Once you've unlocked everything in multiplayer a large part of the motivation to keep playing will be gone. I'm not saying that it isn't designed to promote microtransactions, but it's also good game design to have enough unlockables to allow the average player to still have new kit and weapons to get for a couple of years or whatever the projected lifespan of the multiplayer community is.
  10. Trading card system in that you buy blind grab bags of X number of cards, like buying baseball cards as a kid. The only difference being that if you get doubles you can't swap with your friends, but then that would kind of break the system. Getting your kit to a usable level isn't a massive grind. I've not spent a penny of real money on packs and I've maxed out all the weapons and characters that are gold-tier or lower. That's a huge selection of very usable kit. I've also picked up most of the ultra-rares along the way (not that I have any of them above level VII) and their drop rate for me is the same as for everyone else. Obviously I've been playing for a while, and I play regularly, but for occasional players the lower difficulties will be the norm and you can certainly unlock useful equipment for those. EDIT: I realised that this sounds a little bit "it's easy to have usable kit, I've got all the kit and it's usable". What I was trying to say is that if you play a little bit it's easy to get all of the basic kit, which will suit your needs at that time, and if you play a lot you'll get all or most of the gold-tier kit, which will suit your new needs. Ultra-rares would be better, but they're by no means necessary to play or enjoy the game, nor are they necessary in order to succeed at the higher difficulties. Drop rates are the same for everybody, and the more you play the better your chances of getting rare kit. Having something to play for is part of the game. If it were easy to unlock all the most powerful weapons and gear then it would getting pretty dull and aimless.
  11. Surely the essence of leeching is that they aren't doing their part.........
  12. I realise I'm in the minority here but I really like the trading card system. I don't like some of the drops, especially the Level IV ammo, but the concept alone I am a fan of.
  13. I blame the fact that I continue to snipe tactically and don't bother with husks, even when I'm playing with scrubs that don't know what they should be doing at a given moment. I think the moral of the story is "do unto others before they do unto you".
  14. Yeah I think I've run into that guy myself. He doesn't look all that tough but he's backed up by a Ravager and an overly long death animation.
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