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  1. Is anyone else having trouble with the checklist feature on the site? I've completed a few of the DLC achievements but when I check the tick box and save changes it doesn't register it.
  2. Ive not really done much of the raid but Im looking for someone who can get me straight to and past Calus. I have a quest, achievement and milestone that are bugging me and finding a group is proving tricky. Ill be on most of the night
  3. GT: Aggrovated Karl Game: Digital Tekken 7 Yay, a competition that I remembered to enter!!
  4. GT - Aggrovated Karl Just send me a message so I know who and what the add is about. I'll be on either this or Lego Dimensions most of the weekend (I'm UK based and 27 if that matters)
  5. Ooh I hope so. My only issue is that I like what I have and don't really want to change from it. I guess I'll have to experiment. Who knows, I might like being Evil mwahahaha
  6. I suck at these games so would prefer to have a team of us do missions. I've got one mate that plays it and he is on-line so sporadically we started at the same time I'm level 30 he is level 9 :/
  7. Is there any clarification what race is the easiest including where to find it?
  8. That's a shame for those with more money than sense (myself included) but its good as it will make me play it a lot more. I've dropped about £130 into this game and intend to play it for at least the next year (its better than buying random games when I'm bored)
  9. Has anyone found out if buying a respec token and changing powers or mentor works to get the achievement?
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