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  1. Turned on my 360 after like a year, and when looking through my arcade games noticed that my demo for The Cave's box art wouldn't load. Clicking to the marketplace I noticed there was no option to buy so I went to Xbox.com and it couldn't find the game. I searched on the internet a bit and found nothing about a delisting and now just checked the PlayStation Store and the game isn't there either. I'm assuming this is somewhat recent since when I last looked at the game on Steam at least six months ago, it's soundtrack was listed as being by Sega but looking at it now, it just says Double Fine. I wouldn't know who to contact to try and verify/get information on these things though.
  2. For me it was just me not checking up on things since I don't own a 360 anymore. Only found out after it was de-listed that the stuff went on sale like a week or two before.
  3. Those are PS3 only since Sony does bundles.
  4. It's apparently been de-listed. No one knows anywhere to get a code for the Wallace DLC do they?
  5. So basically, my 360 Red Ringed in January this year. Haven't gotten a new one since. Anyway, now that 360 uses actual currency amounts I apparently have $21 dollars on my account. Since U/Marvel 3 is getting delisted I thought I would buy the costume pack from Xbox.com. The only problem is after converting my points to currency through Xbox.com I apparently can't buy anything. It keeps asking for a payment option instead of just trying to use the funds I currently have. Any help? It's very annoying.
  6. Jill and Shuma come with their alts. The Royal Family of Spain caused Magneto's costume to be pulled. The Value Pack contain every other alt costume that has been made. So basically by downloading them all you will be left with no Magneto alt. http://i.imgur.com/mn3AJZc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/gfCDRts.jpg
  7. The Value Pack is every costume that has ever been released.
  8. In case anyone doesn't know, to have everything is just Jill, Shuma, and the Value Costume Pack.
  9. 1) I hear online has dropped but that there are still plenty of people around. 2) The controls are fluid from what I remember. 3) Every single piece of DLC comes with the Komplete Edition right on the disc itself so you don't have to download anything from the marketplace. 4) Feel proud of yourself after you get the achievement for mastering every character.
  10. http://www.siliconera.com/2013/05/22/mortal-kombat-komplete-edition-coming-to-pc-in-july/ I'm hearing that it's Games for Windows LIVE as well.
  11. Some kind of "Super" Edition was just announced for 360 AND PS3. http://www.siliconera.com/2013/05/21/phantom-breaker-extra-announced-for-playstation-3-and-xbox-360/
  12. Sorry for not replying earlier but ever since my 360 went RROD on me I've stopped paying attention. You will still rank up even if you lose when you are at the early ranks in ranked matches. You can even hit 1st Dan through loses. When you get to 1st Dan through loses you will have to win the match for the achievement to pop up. However unless something changed you shouldn't be able to rank up through public matches.
  13. Howdy Jax.


    Just letting you know your G&RM for Sonic CD just went live on x360a.


    ~Live Long and Prosper~

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