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  1. The game's revised form is redundant and prosaic. Why add another tactical game when we have Xcom enemy known? A shooter would have strong potential if it could mirror the accomplished Bioshock franchise. So yeah, my interest in this is lukewarm at best.
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YJh3v3y8Ok]Borderlands 2 - Dwarven Allies Guide - YouTube[/ame] Here is the walkthrough, apparently more people got stuck on this twisted fucking map. This has to qualify for the most retarded and confusing map design ever.
  3. I can't fucking find the 3rd letter in the mines. The area in my map isn't accessible. Also, what was up with that jumping puzzle? It's not cute and it's not funny; it's just frustrating. All the DLC have been extremely disappointing and now I have to look up guides because the map is fucked and there is no waypoint system. Fuck this game. Thank god I got a refund on my season pass and I'm playing this retarded garbage for free.
  4. Hi, a simple correction is needed. Under deflectomancer you mention that Jace's deck is the only one with counterspells. This isn't technically true; the black/blue deck also has a few that can be unlocked.
  5. I just did it and it was very easy. Beat virtually every single deck first try using the monoblack deck. The only bitch I couldn't beat easily was Red because Red is always OP in solo duels.
  6. If you're looking to unlock cards easily or work on a certain achievement (e.g. 25 wins, 25 counterspells). Then load up Rumble in the Jungle on Alara. It's a pushover challenge which you will rarely lose.
  7. Easiest grind for deflectomancer is using Jace's mind deck on Rumble in the Jungle which is found in Alara.
  8. Totally disappointed; slivers can be so retardedly op but the shit they threw into this deck has been extremely disappointing. Why include a 2/2 colorless sliver with no abilities for a mana cost of 3? Pointless card that only takes up space. The unlocks were also underwhelming.
  9. I agree with you but what did you expect? MTG on XBL has always been designed to pull new players into the real deal; e.g. MTGO or the physical cards. But I'm with you; I was disappointed too. I thought we were allowed to actually create completely new decks to use in mp from the entire pool of cards in the game. At least; they could have made the sealed campaign longer or more stimulating.
  10. They are randomly generated from a larger but finite pool of cards specific to the digital release.
  11. Hoborg


    Where were you when I was getting slammed on Dead Space 3's forum for saying the exact same thing?
  12. Without modded weapons this game as well as the previous would be unplayable in single player. Absolutely broken; only reason I maxed the first one was because of modded weapons. So...yeah good question. Anyone know if modded weapons have been circulating in the community?
  13. It didn't blow my cock away. Then again, no RE game has since RE4. I personally think RE as a franchise is done.
  14. Wait until there are modded weapons. That's the only reason I was able to max the original game. It was also brutally difficult in solo mode.
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