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  1. Bungie, unfortunately, is a company that stopped trusting their gut and attempted to go with a "formula" for success. Glass ceilings and nearly "forced" PVP elements weren't what the playerbase wanted. Commendations (whichever version) were just another glass ceiling in the same way the limited radiant shards / energies were. I am glad they are realizing that the players aren't blind to this stupidity but I do wish they would just go with the original thought on this game and quit trying to clone the "winning" elements of other large games. (it is truly hard not to say something like this every time Destiny is brought up. The potential was SO HUGE. The original outline was SO AMAZING. The grandness that could have been was not on a whiteboard, it was built, then scrapped in favor of low hanging fruit... but I digress) With these changes slowly bringing Destiny in line with a more logical "flow" of material economies, I am excited to hear how they will address the "content" issues. It was pretty obvious tDB was a stop gap / haphazard solution meant to fulfill contractual obligations. (Seriously, just as an example, they created an end-game weapon that is pretty much crap, using a non-stackable material whose utility becomes nil after you build your first necrochasm. This pretty much shows they didn't actually think through the raid or its loot table) I think this will be a "real" DLC and not a scraped together mess with stop-gap solutions to ill-conceived, last minute systems.
  2. So far, so good in my opinion. But gear is only a part of the issue. (A big part, granted, as it is pretty much the sugary filling of destiny that keeps players grinding) What they are missing is story (still). The reddit posts from supposed "in-the-know" individuals that talk about what the game was going to be before they cut it apart for CoD in space (or the alternate universe Halo) make me sad, as that was essentially the game that was advertised, and not the game they sold. But, we are "in the now" and cannot go back to that... That all said, this is a solid step in a good direction. The rest of the reveals will be the most telling however, as replayability does not necessarily = repetition. And as a side note, one of those guys during the video identified the past tense of Destiny 1. Per the Activision contract there are to be releases every year in the form of Main Game, 2x minor dlc, major expansion, then repeating with a new Main Game every other year. This is the last minor DLC before the Expansion. Likely, the delay from the leaked HoW release pushed personnel off the Expansion to refactor systems (not story content) to better align with player concerns, but didn't affect primary focus on D2. Hopefully they are taking all of this new found knowledge and interest in the "original" idea of this game and putting that towards the expansion with an eye to that second game. HoW may not be my last stop afterall. We will see. I just wish they would stop putting people on these streams that do nothing but make light of player concerns and act like internet cool guy douche bags.
  3. You know, this game is actually VERY good at its core. Unfortunately, that core is wrapped in crap story, poorly thought out progression, and completely monotonous and boring grind. Those things I mentioned after I said it was VERY good... make it a shit game. The part at the beginning? That makes it addictive. Like a LOT of folks, I don't just accept the CRAP that bungie threw together in the final 7 months of development after they canned the MMO part of the game and tried to make it a Halo/CoD clone with a "shared experience" singleplayer mode. Yes, that is what they did. Seriously, they canned years of dev work and re-worked the game in order to shift it to what they felt was a better money maker. I want to play the game they were trying to make a year ago. I want to play the game that Joe Staten penned and that the company was so excited about that they literally dropped hints on all the way back in ODST. If it takes constantly bitching about how bungie got greedy (yes, bungie, not activision) then yah, I am going to keep on bitching. And I hope all of you apologists take the time to pull your head out and do the same. If you choose to ignore the issues, that's on you. Constantly asking why people bitch about it and tell them to sell their disk just adds to reasons why bungie is able to sell you the stuff you already paid for.
  4. I used to care a LOT about getting all of the achievements in a game I purchased. The call of duty franchise broke me of that when they added all of their luck based achievements in their Zombie dlcs. (I don't have luck. Good or bad. And I can't stand repeating the same crap ad infinitum hoping the game pops joy for me... oh wait.. that's destiny) With the One, I stopped caring completely and just played. I did work towards some because it was interesting... but... meh. Besides, Bungie didn't even bother taking advantage of the AWESOME space for achievement art. They didn't even try. They are so prolific with their art in every other space (well they used to be anyway) so I didn't understand why they just took crap sceenshots for the achievement art... Then I realized that's pretty much how they treated the entire game. They built an awesome core and then half assed the rest. I don't expect achievements. I do expect that all of the negative comments from business advisory companies has lit a fire under activision to have bungie pull their collective heads out and fix their game.
  5. You and me both. I bought the limited edition so I got tDB and HoW with my initial purchase. tDB wasn't worth the cost anyone paid and the broken and ill conceived systems they added after they realized they were about to break everyone's game play and time were just annoying. HoW is likely to be the last I play of this game. But, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. Their dev folks have recently identified that they know they made mistakes. So, I see some light at the end of the tunnel.. That said... While people fight over how GREAT it is they spent an entire weekly update explaining how they are going to fix one bug, I took it for what it was. A whole lot of shit shoveling to hopefully snow over the community. I am a software tester by trade. Their update proved to me that their dev never bothered to create proper end to end workflows for their various systems and worse, never bothered to create repeatable automated test cases. When done properly, they need only publish code to their test environment, enter variables that test the scenarios they are interested in, and hit the "go" button on their test suite before they go home for the day. The logs generated from the test suite will identify at what point and in what systems the scenario failed and allow them to move forward with fine tuning the code. This can actually be iterated multiple times in a single sprint. This is evidently not done so my hopes aren't as high as they could be. Sloppy dev work and poorly planned "features" can't be fixed in the next few weeks for the planned HoW DLC.
  6. Bungie learned from several reports from investment rags that point to destiny losing parts of its player base as a result of poor development and community management. They didn't listen to the players, they listened to the bottom line. HoW will be the last stop for many people as this is the last piece of content they already paid for. (and I mean that in both the on disc way and "season pass" way) Don't blame activision. They just wrote the contract that says deliver content. It was Bungie that decided to hack apart the game/story rather than actually deliver new and interesting content to fulfill contractual requirements. Maybe they will fix their issue in HoW and people will stick with them. But judging by how tDB seemed to shoehorn in last minute upgrade systems and poorly thought out economies, I get the distinct impression bungie is trying to think on their feet rather than develop a real thought out plan of action for the future of the franchise.
  7. I swear, when you don't have answers all you do is attack and jump upon your ambiguously self righteous high ground and act as though you could never have been wrong. Hello pot, this is kettle. Oh, and post length doesn't equal conversation. Post length (for me) is directly tied to laying out the facts. And saying you're wrong isn't a jab. It's just pointing out that you are, actually, wrong.
  8. While I am glad you enjoy useless metrics that do not actually update the player, I have to disagree with your enthusiasm. (As do the majority, and yes I checked for validity, of people who comment on the BWU) The difference between a Weekly update for a static game like Halo versus a dynamic game like Destiny are so vast as to not even suggest them as comparable. If, as you say, the BWU content is the same regardless of author then really he has no use as he is adding nothing to the equation. But, I know you're wrong on this topic (just trust me, you are) so I can, in all actuality, blame him for not pursuing topics more relevant to the player base. The information he relays is wholly unusable as an actual UPDATE for the community and is better suited for "get to know us" or "interesting side notes" type columns. Your analogy of "shooting the messenger" is wholly inaccurate as he is not, in fact, relaying messages. At best, he is writing puff pieces. The post we are all replying to was not posted by Deej and actually contained USEFUL information to the players. The last BWU with real content wasn't posted by him either. In fact, Deej has never hinted at them having realized that maybe they (the company) did something wrong with their DLC or that they are looking to remedy issues they introduced. Yes, there is content he is required to provide, but that isn't his only job as any intern can cut and paste. He has on a number of occasions gone after those who do not agree with Bungie's direction and has even stated that the user community is wrong regarding this DLC. (And yes I know he apologized, backpeddled, and cracked a joke to divert attention away while attempting to look like an internet cool guy) A proper community manager would (should) proof read for such idiocy. Unfortunately, as he stated himself, he spoke before he thought. These are not laudatory actions and are at best a freshman act that has no place in front of a multimillion-user community. Business Insider has already shown the huge negatives that are currently affecting Bungie's direction and causing their change of mind in how they are moving forward with Destiny. Their 10 year plan isn't being seen as a solid investment anymore, and the game isn't even a year old yet. They need to change tactics as it is starting to show on the bottom line. (and don't be mistaken, this is what they truly care about as evidenced by their anger in not getting a big enough cut out of the Halo franchise and speeding their willingness to depart MS. Not saying getting a fair share is bad, but increasing an already outrageous profit shouldn't be the only motivator) For the kneejerker apologists out there: Yes, Bungie built a fun to play game. No, it isn't activision's fault bungie decided to hack out parts of a story to meet contractual content deadlines. Yes, I still play. No I am not selling my game because of all the broken crap. Yes, I will likely quit if they don't stop adding glass ceilings and additional grind when house of wolves is released.
  9. I've said multiple times that if they (bungie) don't fix their incessant need to punish players by the time HoW comes out, then it would be the last piece of Destiny content I play. Sadly, I like the game, I do not like the constant rewardless grind. And from the majority of comments I've read, I figure I am not alone in this thought. This post, however, gives me hope. It makes me realize that someone at bungie is actually paying attention to the user community. The problem I have is that this was posted in a random thread somewhere. This should be posted to their front page as part of an open dialogue with their player base. I don't need a weekly update describing how many coins Xur collected on a given weekend or even the biography of (admittedly) the only voice actor I thought nailed it. (They could have linked out to that information without wasting an entire weekly update on it). Regardless of Doge's constant apologetics and backpeddling and Topsikrett's assumptions based on the tiniest fraction of a playerbase this thread was good news. Now bungie just needs to fire Deej and have these kinds of posts thrown on their front page so that players can see they are listening, and I will continue to hold out further hope for this game. Oh, and for the record, with a raid completion on each of 3 characters in each raid since the beginning, using both LFG.net and .com, I can honestly say most (based on this limited but relevant and diverse sample size) players are willing to re-roll their Raid gear for better perks and stats.
  10. Activision does not have say in story. This was a bungie decision. The contract only indicates content drops and at what rates. Bungie apologists will always blame activision and have nothing to base it on other than the fact that they love bungie. (Please note that a lot of bungie's A-team stayed to keep making Halo with MS) The events you're speaking of, I assume, are the current Iron Banner and the failed Queens bounties. While yes, this may be considered "variety" when you look at how content poor the game actually is, it is meant to bring the diehard FPS players into the crucible. The heavy frequency of this "variety" with the poor RNG drop methodology doesn't exactly entice people any more than a normal crucible. Their 3 million daily is based on 4 platforms. This break down makes that number far less impressive, especially when you look at a straight FPS like CoD. Your guarantee is based on nothing realistic. I won't venture a guess as I would have no basis for it, just like you don't. That fact does not, however, negate the push for such activities to be the crutch for this game's longevity. As far as PvE goes, I log in to do my 3 nightfalls, weeklies, and now CE. I may do VoG if I'm feeling plucky. Crucible/Iron Banner isn't where it is at as the game likes to pair me up with connection-poor players after a few good rounds. Never-the-less, re-rolling a Timur's lash to turn it into a kinetic damage fatebringer is a goal. Why would I not get rid of old gear? Because, as it stands, there is little else to do in Destiny other than attempt to collect and try to master every exotic. The game play is great there is just no content to use the amazing game play in. Check your grimoire cards some time to see how many times you've repeated any one single activity; it's almost sad. As for the vault... If your vault has anything other than an exotic's collection and material dump, then you're saving junk. Each character has 10 slots to carry each of your 7 potential equipables. There is no need to bank dump items unless you're one of those people who made 3 of the same class in the hopes of more prayers to the RNJesus. As far as Standard MP games go, you missed the point. This game operated every aspect of it as a MP map. Because most of the "maps" are basically blank with no actual activities outside of structured environmental spawns, they can manage more people doing nothing more than running around. You won't see this many people in any form of game instance. None of this is meant to discredit or insult you as a player. These are simply unapologetic facts about this game. Bungie sees it and is attempting to remedy it. ( or so I like to believe ) My grimoire is sitting at 2660. I only need to kill (or more specifically be in a game where kills are made) a couple thousand more of each class, collect 2 more pieces of exotic armor, 2 more exotic weapons, and hope that the other glitched cards unglitch before my grimoire is maxed out (for the xbox). I'd say I've done and seen everything this game has to offer many, many, many times over. But, like I said, I hope they get back to the story telling they used to know how to do and quit trying to nickel and dime their loyal player base. (and it wouldn't hurt to get rid of that idiot Deej... or at least teach him how to properly communicate with a user base)
  11. Bungie has let people say this is an MMO because it helped sell their game. After release they flat out identified that this is not an MMO. One of the big reasons they are focusing so hard on Iron Banner is because they want the player base to shift to the direct multiplayer aspects to save the game's longevity. They don't understand (at least from the outside's perspective) however, that breaking into the FPS genre takes a little growing and something game changing. Most especially when it is DIRECTLY tied to the "campaign" aspects of the game (unlike all other shooters). This game is nothing more than a series of multiplayer lobbies that allow ~18 or so people (to be honest, I never bothered to count) in without an instance and much less for an actual instance. Hence the constant loading screens for every single thing you do in this game. (hint: you're loading a new match-made lobby ala Halo, only it's disguised as missions or patrols) You're absolutely NOT meant drop the old and move on to the new. If this were the case, everyone would have quit by now as there were only 2 story missions and a single (on disc) strike added. This was NOT an expansion that could support dropping the old and moving on. If they followed your suggested path, they would never have made it beyond the first month or two. The game as a WHOLE needs to evolve to keep the player interest. This is what has been done in every MMO (realizing full well this is not an MMO, just using your incorrect assertion). This is evidenced by their last minute shoe horning of the upgrade system and addition of new upgrade materials. In case you missed this one, the new materials are meant to artificially slow player progress to create longevity. (btw, in a proper UX they would have found this causes a negative impact on user views.) There are other games with roughly the same development time that had FAR more coherent (see: not hacked apart to sell you additional crap) stories, much larger player areas, and far more interactivity with the environment. What they lacked was the multiplayer lobby integration. Don't be mistaken, the core of this game is amazing. Bungie just decided to go for the cash grab route rather than stick with their previous story telling methodology. (an comparison to halo 2/3 is mistaken as each had a solid story. This game didn't) I bet most of these concerns will be resolved in part 2 for another 60$, but I am waiting to see if they can piece part 1 back together before I hand over more sheckles.
  12. The Vex is not OP in the crucible or the Iron Banner. After the patch, I would say it is about on par with the Suros Regime for close to midrange battles, and completely outclassed at distance. While the Vex's perks and firing characteristics combined with its status as a primary carry fusion rifle make it a beast, its damage rating (the 323) isn't felt like people think it is. I would take a Suros over the Vex in the Iron Banner any day. (as most do) The reality is that the "myth" of the Vex is a holdover from before when it was a true fusion rifle in a primary slot before it's damage was debuffed in PvP. The fact that it is not upgraded to meet the "new" standard for exotics just shows Bungie's lack of care for old content and contempt for those who did not buy their new (already on disc) content. Knowing that the values for a weapon's stats are tied to editable tables makes all of the developer representative's (Deej) excuses just stupid. Deej has a history of running at the mouth and being (basically) insulting to those who do not follow Bungie's party line. This is evidently "ok" with the company, as he is still employed there, so that tells me his attitude matches that of Bungie as a whole. There are 2 Raids. Each is meant to be representative of the "end game" at its initial inception and until the next release. The lack of a new level of VoG to better reflect the new armor and weapons they've introduced shows that there was no thought on the evolution of older content to meet the progress of the game. In fact, it shows that Bungie's thought process for the overall game was quite literally to leave it's un-upgraded player base in the dust. Keep in mind, the VOG now awards upgraded weapons whose stats now outclass the "end game" Vex. And those who insist that Ascendant Materials are still relevant are obviously not doing the new Raid. Players used to complain about a deficit of these materials, but now wonder what to do with them. (I used to be starved for these materials and now have over 200 of each and don't see a need to collect further) Slightly off topic: I know every Bungie apologist will jump out of the woodwork to defend their right to pay more for less because of this. I also know their only response is that I should quit and sell my game. What this shows is that I like this game more than you. I am not blind to its problems and want them fixed without the attached greed. (yes, greed. Feel free to look up Bungie's complaints about not making more money on their games while MS paid for their development and QA) This is a great game that is slowly being duct taped together. I've given them till I max out my Grimoire before I bail on any future Destiny purchases. (it's easier to max the Xbox Grimoire as there are fewer cards available here than on the PSN) I hope, sincerely, that they put a better plan in place to let the whole game evolve properly. I know that some of the coming House of wolves content is already on my disc as I already played it with wall glitches. (Yes, played the content, not just visited empty areas). I am not happy with, but am accepting of, the fact that I already paid for the content and will pay again. I don't blame activision as the contract was pretty clear as to who is responsible. It would be nice if Bungie would take a step back, outline the FULL game evolution and actually implement that before they sell me a mission I already played, but in reverse this time with an added room I couldn't access legitimately before. They really need to back off the modularized version they are currently using and provide for the evolution they talked about but failed to distribute. Anyone want to take a bet as to whether that Queen's brother cutscene that was shown at E3 2013 will be part of the new paid content House of Wolves in 2015?
  13. Going into mission areas separate random guardians that are not in your fire team. This is done so that fire teams are able to do missions without random players jumping in and either messing it up or taking over the mission. This is repeatable for most missions. As an example. Load up a high level skywatch mission on earth then head towards the divide. As soon as you cross the mission area threshold (where there are spawn limiters in a given mission) you will notice that the enemies in the mission area all spawn with the increased difficulty; even without actually being in that mission. Because of that, I say the first video is excessively long and lacks simple investigation and wastes everyone's times. The second one shows someone hitting an instant kill wall meant to prevent players for exiting the current mission area geometry. Bungie has stated that everything viewable is real geometry. An example is on earth where you see those planes in the distance. Real geometry. Cannot be reached because they don't have anything out there yet other than the geometry. If I had to guess... I would say that Bungie through out a bunch of vague statements that had no lies, but bore no truth then waited on the community to speculate. They would then be able to derive a story that they felt was good and add it in later. The vault has been about as thoroughly investigated as it can be. I feel we are just waiting on them to open stuff up now. Afterall, you already paid for it. It's already on your disc. They just need to think of a way to charge you for it again later.
  14. This. I've maxed vanguard and still received Shards/Energy from Public events on a per week basis. Personally, I have no issues getting them. I do run into dry spells where a number of events won't gift me with an item, but the ascendant materials soon return. (often in the same day) As an example, if you were to flip a coin you have a 50/50 chance of landing on 1 side or the other. With each individual flip of that coin you do not increase your odds of landing on a particular side. Consecutive flips however means more attempts. More attempts means better odds in total, not per flip. All things being equal and barring external forces, you will always have a 50% chance of landing on a particular side with every flip. What does that mean? It means you could flip the coin 100 times and get heads 100 times in a row. The odds didn't change. Each time you flip the coin for a loot item, you have a set chance at getting something. The more flips you have, the better your odds of potentially getting something over time, but ONLY because you're flipping the coin more and NOT because the act is cumulative. Anyone who puts a hard number on things like this (like the person who said 15) needs to provide the source for their "fact." There is no need to provide a source for "random" as the general populace has already done that.
  15. I'm sitting at a little over 2300 grimoire score. This game *is* getting stagnant. Anyone arguing against it is just deluding themselves. Yes, having a strike playlist and playing strikes can be fun, but there comes a point where, after you've done the SAME activity 30 times that the fun goes away and you're just going through the motions hoping not to run afoul of the random number generator. I enjoyed the Raid the first bunch of times I played it. Both legit and cheap. Is it fun still? Sort of. I am tired of fighting to find people to do it. That isn't fun at all. I really shouldn't have to hop onto any website to play my console game. Nor should I have to hop on to a website just to see what the hell the story is all about. (btw, this actually alienates the largest portion of players. The majority of people who buy any given game are NOT scouring the web for additional information. They are just buying it due to hype, throwing it in their console then getting lost in the game...assuming there is enough content to get lost in) Speaking of, the story is pretty damn good. You couldn't tell from playing the game because you're dealing with a poorly emoted floating rubics cube that does nothing but tell you to wait for him to decode something, or unlock something, or look at something, or tell you to go kill some random thing for... reasons. The grimoire is quite enlightening if you can piece through the EXTREMELY random presentation and haphazard method for imparting the backstory. All but the most dedicated players will pretty much miss what this game is about. Bungie got caught up in their own great big ego and put out half of a game and told you it was the most amazing thing ever that will last you 10 years. It's barely made it a month for the hardcore types and will likely just barely make it to the DLC release date by the time the casual player finishes up all the small stuff. I say half a game because the systems work and can be easily tweaked. They just forgot the ... you know... content... and story. Speaking of... there is a reason most games post so low on full completion... people get bored and move on. This game is a grind, and sometimes that grind is good. When there is a logical goal you can work towards, people are usually quite content to work towards it. But when you take away the goal, the reward, the carrot on a stick... the grind turns into... well a grind. Want to upgrade? Start circling an area on a random celestial body doing whichever box circle you SWEAR is the best one (because everyone else has crappy ones, and yours... boy... your box circle just gives so much more loot than other people's stupid box circles...). After an hour of seeing the same crap over and over, you may as well do a strike mission so you can potentially get a nice item. Or not. Likely you will get a decoherent that will gift you with a blue item 4 levels too low that you're going to break down. At least your cryptarch score went up! But at least you can buy neat customizations and weapons from vendors... well, sort of, the Guardian customization vendor has the same useless junk you already have so... meh. How 'bout them factions! They're all the same thing. Sure this one has a gun with X stat on it and that one has a gun with X+.1, but really, weapon and damage balancing has made most weapons the same general DPS assuming the same level. But at least you're wearing a nice scarf! Look, I've got a 29 and 2x 28s. I have fully maxed out subclasses (both for each class) and most of the exotic weapons and armor. (of course I am missing stuff, but really, who the hell really cares about some random exotic whose stats do nothing for either PvE or PvP? And it isn't like you're able to work towards a specific exotic anyway because... well the RNG rewards randomly. Sit there while others do work? HERE IS AN EXOTIC!) I still enjoy the game, but at least I am not blind to the completely asinine repetition. Soon enough I will have full Raid gear with fully upgraded exotics (yes, I have many pieces of fully upgraded exotic armor for each class. I'm missing the 3rd exotic helmet for each class and a single pair of arms for the Titan) for each of my classes. At that point, I think the grind will have gotten to me and I will put this game down. Maybe the DLC will come out in time to save this player... but likely, bungie will spend ENTIRE updates doing nothing but adjusting the iron banner (one of the most useless PvP additions) rather than unlocking the content that is already on the disc. I like the PvP in this game, but there is just too little to differentiate loadouts to consider one any better than another. (unless you're a blade dancer, because that super doesn't even require you to try... just keep pressing that trigger without aiming and think you're good!) BTW, if you can see the map area and can interact with systems in the map area, then likely these are not "placeholder" items, but more akin to a beta level that they didn't apply the final touches to. That "super captain" video is eye opening. That shows an entire mid boss mission with trigger points, additional spawn, and content name... already on the disc. Maybe these areas will be free as part of an expanding story? They should be because like others have said, you already paid for the majority of it. I know some people will say that you just don't know what they will add, so it's ok that they will charge you for it later! If this makes you happy and allows you to spend the money on the content you already bought, then awesome. I don't have this delusion. (and for background, I am a systems tester, so I have some context and am not just shooting blindly in a dark room) Those who say that people are just complaining should probably just get better at the game and quit taking forever to complete the very few trivial tasks this game offers. Being slow and inefficient in your play does not mean you're better or other people are wrong.
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