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  1. hi my gt is: banky007 could you please add me to the list?
  2. My dog has these traits... 1. loyal 2. vocal 3.neat 4.digger 5.non-destructive 6friendly 7.hyper 8. playful i know dogs can get adventurous but how?? he can lie down and sleep on couches. but do you have to make him go to town a lot to get that trait? i really want the achievement..
  3. My sim has level 10 inventing skill and i've gotten to improved ghost zapper... how do i make a master one?? google failed me on this one
  4. i'm Banky007 on xbox 360. i'd like to give away one of my dogs
  5. I install everything on the install disc.. then i redeemed my online pass.. that went through ok. i tried to go back to my game and it said that my DLC was missing! so i go to the main menu and i look at all the installed stuff and it's gone!! so i had to put the install disk in again > what's going on!!??
  6. i just found a glitch!! I was playing the medium difficulty insurence fraud thing and i was getting run over and i fell through the road!!! then my console froze >__<
  7. i was going to start a new thread.. but then I saw this one my console locks up!! and my console is only a couple weeks old.. it shouldn't be happening!! in one stage i killed the target bear and got over 30,000 coins in that stage.. and it freezes when i leave via the gate!
  8. I have 42 gnomes... then someone joined my game on xbox live.... there was one more Gnome i had to get in bowerstone industrial and it was in the sewers.. so i went down there and the other player shot it!!! and it didn't count towards MY total of gnomes and it says i'm still missing one!! why didn't it get counted towards MY gnome count??? I'm so MAD!!! how do i fix it??
  9. hi i don't have any of the dlc.. i'm missing lots of legendaries, i can swap: defender of faith scattershot bone smasher slimquick for: beadle's cutlass the cassanova love sword merchant's body guard soul drinker swing my sword thunder blade hammer of moonking wilmageddon jacks hammer lunarium pounder sorrow's fist tenderiser troll typo blood craver briar's blaster chickenbane desert's fury dragonstomper 048 holy vengance ice maden tee killer arkwright's flintlock hero's companion marksman 500 ol' malice sand goose shreiking pilgrim simon's shot gun skorm's justice swift irregular my gamertag is: Banky007
  10. Ok, so i switched on xbox live and someone joined my game and we got married just for the achievement lol.. he had a pitbull dog.. and i had the normal basic game one... we divorce and he leaves... and all of a sudden MY dog is now a pit bull.. and there was a time where somehow both of our dogs became the same... and in the treasury room where you go to put more money into it... there was a gold key... now it's gone!! the other player must have taken it.. how do i get it back??
  11. I'm so annoyed! I have finished the game once. then i started again to get all the collectables.. and i got up to the part where you have to just fight against death eaters.. and the next stage would be Godric's hollow... for some reason when i was fighting against Death Eaters. i just kept hearing this click sound and the vibration on my conrtroller started going off even though i wasn't even getting hit or anything! and then i went to Godric's Hollow and just walking around and the vibration is on full blast!! I hate the stupid glitch! how do i fix it?
  12. I spent 250,000 points on my sim.. and the achievement never popped up the last thing i bought with it was the one to change the traits... does it not count if i choose that one???
  13. I'm so annoyed!! hours of playing.. GONE! it starts to save and then the plumbob stops spining, then i have lost control of everything.. can't even press the 'xbox guide' button on my controller.. it completely freezes... i have cleared that memory cache thing.. and then it's good for one more save.. then when i try to save again it freezes! arrrggh!!!! does anyone know a fix for this??
  14. I go there usually from 8pm till around 3am and no ghosts boo!
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